Friday, January 18, 2008

A Voice For Rural Women of China

This is an article from about Xie Lihua, an activist for women's rights in China. If you have a Chinese daughter, this may be of interest to you. Even if you don't, it's pretty good at explaining the current condition of women's rights in China's rural areas. When I come across articles like this I save them for Bri, hoping that in the future, they will give her a clearer understanding of her birth country, its cultural climate, and the factors that may have influenced her birth parents' decisions.

**Unrelated personal news- My MIL has broken her other hip (she broke one last July 4th, too- along with her elbow). This happened just yesterday and she went into surgery late last night. Darrell is with her, but I don't have any news yet. Please keep her in your prayers. She is such a sweetheart- I love her to pieces, and feel so bad for her. She was still having trouble with pain from the last break when we saw her at Christmas. If you don't hear from me for awhile, that's one of the reasons why- my mind is on other things. Upon my return, we will discuss the poll results and declare me the winner.


Anonymous said...

I will add her to my prayer journal.

Tina in KC,MO

Michelle said...

Thank you, Tina! Appreciate it!