Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's been awhile, huh?  Sorry about that.  I'm a crappy person.  There's just been nothing worth blogging.  Everything here is the same.

Did you see Hunger Games yet?  Or do you not even care?  What did you think?  I liked it.  Didn't love it.  Movies can never compare to great books.  But it was good. 

I just read Divergent yesterday (by Veronica Roth) and it's another good YA book.  If you have tweens/teens who go for that whole Dystopian thing, check that one out!

Look what I have.  A precious treasure:

ALL TEN KIDS, same place, same time!  This was one of the outtakes, but it's probably my favorite.

The whole fam damily is here :)), except for one grandchild. :((

Back row: Evan- 18, Mike- 20, Alex- 21, Kyle- 26, Nick- 32, Katie (DIL, married to Nick). Middle: Tucker- 13, Kindra- 30, Keagan (Nick's son), Olivia- 12. Front: Jaden (Kyle's daughter), Kinidy (Kindra's daughter), Some Fat Chick- 45, but looks 53 cuz she's just. so. tired, Avery (Nick's daughter), Braden (Kindra's son), Darrell- 107, Sam- 3, Brianna- 11.

It's very rare to get all 10 kids together. It just does not happen. The kids planned this as a special, surprise kinda thing for their dad. Isn't that awesome?

As long as we're showing photos...  Evan, who is about to graduate, just got a haircut. That little tidbit is thrown in for the grandmas, who think Ev looks like a hoodlum. He went from this:

To this:

 What do you think?  Less hoodlum-ish?  I think he looks younger with shorter hair.   That's his girlfriend, Bayleigh, by the way.  The boy has lost his mind over this girl.  We don't know her that well yet- she's very quiet- but she seems sweet.

Anyway...  Sticking with the photo theme, you know what drives me nuts lately?  I guess it's not what but who...  It's these idiots on Facebook who constantly take and post photos of themselves.  I can't stand much more. 

The pics themselves are not necessarily offensive- as far as being raunchy/immodest, inappropriate, etc.(although some are)... There's just too flippin' many of them.

I want to be as clear as I can possibly be when I say I hate these people like I hate enemas, root canals, 3rd degree burns, spiders, poison (and Poison) and this guy:

Do you guys have any of these self-obsessed morons on your friends lists?  What's the explanation for these people?  Why do they exist? 

To you, Obnoxious Photoholic, I would say (you know... if I had any guts):  The fact that you believe you're that attractive makes me want to smack you with a tube sock full of nickels.  You are the Zoolanders of Facebook.  ...Oh, look! There you are with your sexy pout. And here you are with a mysterious, brooding thing going on. And here's your serious, contemplative pose. Why, you're just a regular sage, aren't you? There's your smoldering, intense gaze...   Oooh.  You're stunning.

And each shot shows you either standing in a mirror, holding your phone/camera, or your camera-wielding arm is held up and out at an odd angle, making you look even more like a dufus. Trust me.  You look dufus-y enough as it is.

PLEASE, hear me:  You look exactly the dang same today as you did yesterday. Put the camera down. Get yourself checked into some kind of program. Take the 12 steps. Find a sponsor.  Whatever it takes. Please. We're all sick to death of the sight of you.   

I have one person in particular on my friends list who is making me especially cuh-razy with this. And it's a man (no, not the hub).  I have grown to dislike this guy so much, that I think it's affecting my religion. Honestly. Jesus is mad at me, you guys, because I detest this guy over something as trivial as a batch of photos. I should just delete him altogether. But he's a relative (no, not one of my sons), and I'm afraid I'll miss important info about him. I've stopped looking at the pics, though. I feel like a horrible relative, but I just can't do it anymore.  I'd show you the pictures (you'd be shocked and awed by the total assy-ness of the guy), but then I definitely would be a horrible relative. 

So, I won't. 

I really, reaaally want to, though.