I am a simple, Midwestern girl who is...
48 years old, but we're going to say I'm 38.
A Christian since the age of 20 (I was a wild child before that and could tell stories that would curl your chest hair).
Married since 1989.
A proud Mom to 7 WONDERFUL kids.
A stepmother to 3 adult children.
Nana to 8 beautiful babies.
An Adoptee (acquainted with some of my birth family since 1993) and an adoptive mama.
Politically Conservative.  In pretty much every sense of the word.  Except, sometimes, with my humor...  Sorry 'bout that.
A former substance partaker enjoyer abuser.
Overweight...  I likes my tacos, pizza and chocolate.
A Fibromyalgia "sufferer."
A Homeschooler, since 1995.
A pretty darn good cook and baker, if I do say so myself.  Which, ya know...  I do.
Hearing impaired.
An introvert with very few friends...  But those I have are precious and cherished.
Better with words on the page than words in my mouth.
An excellent, award-winning writer, in my own imagination.
Partially crafty...  I have CPD- Crafting Procrastination Disorder. 
Obsessed with books and words.
A great starter, but not the greatest finisher.
Sarcastic.  And maybe funny, depending on who you ask.
A tiny bit ADHD-ish.  I call it ADHD Lite.
A flawed child of God, doing the best I can, incredibly grateful for being so undeservedly blessed.

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