Friday, October 31, 2008

It's almost time to make one of the most important decisions you will ever make

"...if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face... then will I hear from heaven..."
2 Chronicles 7:14

I have accepted Christina's challenge and want to extend it to my readers. Here's a short snippet from her post and I love the way she puts it:
"Wait, am I saying that Christians should be “single issue voters”? And isn’t that rather extreme? Question: If we were living in the 1860’s and slavery was the “single issue” how would you feel? Can we, as Christians, honestly say that the death of nearly 1 million innocent babies every year is somehow less significant than slavery was?

A good friend of mine shared something interesting with me this week: While she has already decided who she plans to vote for, she is going to ask God to change her mind if He wants her to vote for another candidate. And right here and now, I will take that pledge as well: from now to election day I will pray daily that God will show me who to vote for. (And I’ll let you know if I suddenly become an Obama supporter!) Will you, my Christian friends and readers, do the same thing? If you have always been a democrat and have your own list of reasons why you are voting for Obama (or against McCain/Palin) will you take this pledge as well? For truly we can make no better decision than when we seek God’s guidance first, right?"

If you are a fellow believer, please, please seek God with all your heart before you vote in this crucial election and be open to the idea that He may want you to change your mind.

I pledge right now that if after praying daily and seeking His will, God lays it upon my heart to vote for Obama, I will. I promise. Even though those words made me gag just a tiny bit as I typed them, I will change my vote if I know it's the Lord's leading. Will you please join me and commit to doing the same thing, even if it means a vote for (gasp!) McCain?

God bless you as you vote.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance. From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth- he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do. No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by his great strength. A horse is a vain hope for deliverance; despite all its great strength it cannot save. But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine. We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you." Psalm 33:12-22

I had a few other things I wanted to say on the topic of abortion, but I'll save them for another day. It's not so much a political thing- I promise- more of a personal thing on the subject, but I'll give you a head's up so you can skip it if you want- lol!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Consider this...

Most of us have made up our minds by now about the upcoming election. Personally, I can't imagine how anyone could still be undecided at this point, but I know some are. If you are still trying to make up your mind, take a look at these posts by Ohilda at "A Bouquet of Blessings:"
Still Undecided Part 1
Still Undecided Part 2
and Don't Shudder

Warning: These posts are going to tick off the unbeliever and/or the diehard members of the Obama Fan Club, but if you're still struggling over your vote, or Obama's position on some of the topics close to the hearts of believers, give these posts a look. If you are in the Rah! Rah! Obama! Camp, and you choose to look at these anyway, you do so at your own risk. If you have a stroke, it's not my fault. And please do not be a jerk. Play nice. Do not leave nasty comments on this sweet woman's blog. She's not asking for a debate. If you absolutely must be mean, come back here and be mean to me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where in the World is Sam? Clue #4

This is the airport. You've got to be kidding me. I'll need to be sedated if I'm expected to fly in and out of this. Remember the rules: You can guess as many times as you want, I won't reveal the winner until all the clues are given. If you already know the answer because I've told you or because you belong to the Yahoo group for this program, don't spoil it for those who want to play!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm back and I need a favor...

I just got back this afternoon from Florida. Had a great time, weather was beautiful, good times with my mom, blah, blah, blah. Now, here's the deal... My mom's computer was acting up the whole week, so I'm waaaaay behind on my blogs. Gotta have my blogs, you know. I checked Google Reader and there were, I kid you not, 54 gazillion posts for me to read. I don't have that kinda time. SOOOO- Would it be at all possible for you guys to give me quick summaries of everything I've missed? That's not too much trouble, is it? Just real quick- tell me everything that's happened in your lives for the past week, condensed into a comment of 20 words or less. Easy, yes? I feel just like I did in Jr. High- pathetically out of the loop, looking over at the cool kids' table, knowing they're talking about something totally awesome and oh so important, and I have no idea what it is. Help me catch up, guys.

I have to brag a little bit on The Hub. He tried so hard to keep the house in order for me while I was gone. Of course, he and I have slightly different ideas of clean and orderly, but hey- he tried. And he did a great job. I'm not so worried about the homestudy on Saturday now. I'll easily be able to finish up the last few things without having a(nother) breakdown. What a guy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Almost Done

I made a lot of headway this week and the nervous breakdown never came... At least I don't think it came. Maybe it did, and nobody wants to tell me.

Actually, I've pretty much done all that I'm able to do on the dossier, so a big sigh of relief there. Now, we just have to wait for documents to be returned to us and get our homestudy done. I sent the requests for reference letters out to everyone who has ever met us, regardless of whether or not they even remotely like us. We signed the agency contracts and mailed in the first fee. I mailed out an extension request for the I171-H, then re-mailed it after it was returned to me, unprocessed, because I sent the wrong fee for Alex's fingerprints (stoopid). We each got our two sets of fingerprints done the other day and mailed one set off to the FBI. The other goes to the KBI (we'll still need to be printed for the I171-H). I'm not happy with Michael's prints- they were done by a different guy than the one who did ours, and they're... Well, they're just plain crappy. They totally reflect the guy's "I don't give a flip" attitude. He seemed angry that he had to do it for us and made sure it showed in his work. They look like a four-year-old was playing in ink. I have a feeling they will definitely have to be redone, and in fact, we're considering taking them back and asking someone else to do them before we even bother to send them in. We've heard the FBI/KBI are both very, very picky and will reject less than perfect prints. What's your experience with this? Did you have to keep getting prints redone? What's the turn-around time on getting results or a rejection notice?

It's amazing how expensive everything gets before you even start paying the *actual* adoption fees. I mean, most people think the money is all going to the agency and travel, but anyone who has adopted knows that's not the case. The majority of the money goes there, but those fees for ordering documents, getting fingerprints, and of course, the homestudy, really add up fast. When it's $50 bucks here, and $25 there, it doesn't seem as intimidating as those agency fees for thousands of dollars. You don't really realize how much you've already spent until you take the time to add it up. Well, I added it up... It's a bunch. I was tallying everything that we've spent so far on this adoption (not counting the Vietnam costs), and it just about made the hair on my chest fall out. When I think about the additional money already spent on the VN adoption... Oy. I start thinking, "Geez. That money could have paid for this... And this. And we really, really need that." It's scary. Common sense would tell you that these are not good times, economically speaking, to be spending this kind of cash. That's the thing about Darrell and I- we don't claim to have any common sense. But we do have faith. And that always seems to get us a lot farther than common sense would have, anyway.

I didn't get everything done around the house that I wanted before the homestudy, but... It's good enough, I guess. I really wanted to get my bathroom painted, but there just wasn't time. I seriously doubt the SW will judge us too harshly for having unfinished walls. She's been in our home 5 different times, and at least one room has been in some state of remodeling each time, so no biggie. The important thing is that the dog doesn't greet her at the door with underwear in his mouth. If we can get through the day without that happening, I will consider it a successful visit.

I'm most worried about the amount of laundry that will surely back up while I'm gone all week. I hope she doesn't walk out into the laundry room. I'll have to bar the door with a full body block and demand she step away. I'm thinking of throwing all the laundry into the storm shelter outside while she's here. Good idea? We might as well get some use out of it, since the tornado warnings stopped the day we put it in the ground.

I hope the boys' rooms don't have that horrid, decomposing-corpse-that's-been-peed-on-by-the-cat stench when I get home. One week away is more than enough time to work up a strong dead body funk that will be hard to erase before she comes. One of my poor, misguided sons (I won't say which one, but it's Mike) is addicted to that terrible smelling Axe crap. When the smells of lingering Axe and teenage boy funk combine in a room... It's not good. Not good at all.

I leave for my mom's early Monday morning and come back next Monday, the 27th. I probably won't talk to you again until after the homestudy. I'll let you know how it went. The diet is going to go on hiatus while I'm gone. My mom is a tiny, size 4 runt who can eat like a sumo wrestler when she wants to, without gaining an ounce. Good for her. Not so good for me.

I hear it's supposed to rain the entire time I'm there, while the weather here at home is supposed to be gorgeous all week. Of course. My one chance a year to go to Florida WITHOUT my kids and have an opportunity to really enjoy the beach and the beauty of the ocean... and I will be spending it inside my mom's tiny house, in the middle of Old People Village (just kidding, Mom).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Praying for the economy

I really enjoy Max Lucado's books. This is him, praying from his own prayer journal, during one of his church services.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Old Dudes

Has anyone else noticed how rapidly our presidents seem to age during their time in office? Here's proof that I'm not imagining things.
Bill Clinton on the campaign trail in 1992
Bill Clinton in 2000George W. Bush, 2000......and this year.
So, I'm wondering... What does this mean for John McCain, if he gets elected?

The "To Do List" is growing

Bri lost the other front tooth (which she pulled by herself again because she's convinced she does it better than I do) and looks so darn cute, I could just pinch her every time I see her. I keep stopping her in the middle of things and saying, "Smile at me!" She'll be sick of it soon, I'm sure.
I left a few items off my list in the last post...

1. Shop for food, then come home and cook it. Apparently these people actually expect to be fed on a daily basis, and more than once a day- so try not to forget that... If the phrase, "Mom forgets to feed us," comes up during the homestudy interview, it may not reflect well.

2. Don't forget to scrub the sidewalk chalk off the walks outside before the SW comes- at least where "MIKE IS A POOP!!!!!!" is written over and over in bright, beautiful colors. OR... Pray for a really good rain.

3. Threaten Gently instruct children not to write any other colorful phrases on the sidewalks. Make them Suggest they write things like, "Mom Rocks!!" and "I have the best Mom in the world!!!!"

4. I noticed (too late) that in Sunday's post I spelled tic (as in facial) like tick (as in bug)! HA! Something like this would normally drive me nuts, but this time... Not so much. There's no time for such needless worry right now. NO TIME, I TELL YA! Better start asking Betty to proof all posts before they go out.

5. Stop crying.

6. Write myself a note on a post-it to stick on computer screen reminding me not to make jokes about wanting to be a professional drinker while I'm trying to adopt a child. ...Probably not the smartest thing. Never know who's reading (The funny thing is- I don't even drink. No, really. I don't).


8. Remember to threaten remind Darrell that just because he may want to kill divorce me after my behavior in these next few weeks, there's no need to mention that to the SW.

I don't know what I'm so worried about. I'm sure everything's gonna be fine... Everything's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine. I'm going to vomit.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm calling in sick tomorrow... and the next day, and the next, and...

Here's the tentative plan for the week:

Keep up with school at home.
Go, with Darrell and Alex, to a town 30 minutes away to get two sets of fingerprints taken for each of us.
Mail fingerprints, accompanying paperwork, and fees to two different places.
Mail letters of reference forms to our 3 oldest children for them to fill out and send to agency.
Go to parent/teacher conferences at the high school.
Ask two teachers at the high school to write and send in letters of reference to the agency.
Feel embarrassed for asking these people who don't know us on a personal level and couldn't care less about our adoption needs to write personal letters on our behalf.
Wonder who came up with the stupid idea to start dieting now... This idiot should be dipped in hot grease.
Ask 4 friends (again- because I've already done it once for the homestudy) to write and send in letters of reference to the agency.
Ask one friend to send letter to agency stating they will be guardians for our children in case adoption stress kills us both simultaneously.
Ignore the twitch developing in my eyelid.
Turn around and go back to the town 30 minutes away to get Michael's fingerprints done, since his and Alex's schedules wouldn't allow for all of us going at the same time.
Sign agency contracts, etc., and mail back to the agency with a whopping check.
Tell myself that the chest pains that will absolutely occur while writing the whopping check are just God's way of making me feel like I'm getting a big 'ol bear hug.
Search for my big girl panties since this whopping check is just the first of several.
Replace printer cartridges on my printer so that I can continue to make copies of the 50 bajillion documents for the dossier. Only 22 bajillion to go... YEAH!!!
Remind Darrell (again) that he needs to drive to a town 2 hours away to pick up the copies of his divorce decree for the dossier, because they've been holding them at the front desk for two weeks.
Get my house completely clean and organized, even though: 1. It has never once been completely clean and organized in 16 years. 2. It will be destroyed by the time I come back from my mom's, just four days before the homestudy.
Start eating like a pig.
Tape my eyelid shut because that full-blown tick is driving me crazy.
Help Tucker and Olivia practice lines for the church play every day.
Crawl up my husband's and son's butts (again) to make our yard look a little less like an episode of Sanford and Son.
Apologize for the language I used in front of kids while complaining about the Sanford and Son-like quality of the back yard.
Feel guilty when I see look on husband's face that says, "Dear God, woman- I'm doing the best I flipping can."
Cry. But just a little bit for now. Next time will be the whopper.
Write an autobiography for the agency.
Remind Darrell (again) to write his.
Write Darrell's autobiography for the agency.
Get our tax information ready and send to tax man.
Ask tax man to write a letter verifying employment.
Here comes the whopper crying jag... Bite my lip and keep going.
Continue making copies.
Consider applying for job at Office Max because I'm so freakin' good at this copy thing.
Do mountains of laundry so I will have clothes to pack to go visit my mom next week.
Make appointments for our physicals.
Anticipate the attitude I'm going to get from Dr. when he hears he needs to sign 5 pieces of paper for each of us, and write a letter explaining surgeries and medications.
Create imaginary friend named Betty who will begin eating lunch with me every day, and giving me a shoulder to lean upon as the insanity begins to take over.
Pack for trip to mom's.
Wonder if it's too late to consider "professional drinker" as a career path.
Call tax man and ask where in the #%#! is that letter.
Call friends and ask same thing.
Lose a few friends.
Sit in my closet and sob like a little girl.
Ask Betty for ride to psych ward when nervous breakdown occurs.
Wonder aloud with Betty why nervous breakdown took so long to arrive.
Ask Dr. in psych ward, since I'm there anyway, if he would mind filling out my medical form and writing a letter on my behalf, vouching for my mental stability and abilities to parent.
Ask Betty why Dr. is laughing.

Have a great week, Everyone!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hooter Hiders

With a name like that, you can't help but be intrigued, huh? Laurie's got another great giveaway going on. Go check it out!

I'm ready to fire our Tooth Fairy

Elaine, I think you and I must have the same Tooth Fairy (see Elaine's comment on yesterday's post). Last night, TF did remember to come and leave money for Bri, but then she inexplicably left the envelope with the tooth still in it, sitting on the coffee table, for the girls to find this morning. Everyone knows this just isn't how it's done. She must take the tooth. She must. Why, it's almost as if she plopped her tiny butt down on the couch to watch ESPN and eat chips or something- then flew off to bed, absentmindedly leaving the tooth behind.

This was her last chance. She even assured me last night that she would not screw up, since we've had a few run-ins in the past over various children being forgotten. Her exact words to me were, "I won't let you down." Sealed it with a kiss and everything. Does anyone know how devastating it is to be forgotten by the Tooth Fairy? Devastating to the mother, that is- since she's the one who will be reminded of it time and time again for all eternity. Uhhhh, yeah- she's totally fired. Flap those tiny wings and hit the bricks, Tooth Fairy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just when I thought it would never happen...

It did. Bri finally lost one of her two front teeth. She pulled it out herself. I was beginning to think she'd still have these tiny teeth on the day she graduates from college, so this is A.Very.Big.Deal. Lots and lots of excitement around here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend in Review... Lots of Photos

We had so much fun with the kids last weekend. We went up to Kansas City early Saturday morning for an arts, crafts, and music festival at Missouri Town. The arts and crafts for sale were bogus for the most part (which was disappointing only to me), but we still had fun. The demonstrations and people dressed in period costumes were interesting. I think I told you I really go for all this historical crap- not enough to walk around dressed like this, but still...
It was also a weekend full of animals. This guy kept ramming the fence right in front of me with his humongous head because I was focused on taking pictures instead of giving him carrots. Scared the frap out of me.
Was so glad Alex wasn't there to see this big guy- his only thought would have been to shoot it.This was the biggest ox I have ever seen in my life. His name was Moses. He liked being scratched behind the ears.
And more animals.After we left Missouri Town, we did a little shopping and went to stay the night at Darrell's mom's. On Sunday, we took the kids to the KC zoo, and again had a great time. More monkeys... They look like they're in a cage, don't they? Right where they belong!If it wasn't for the kids tugging my arm to move along and see something else, I could literally spend the whole day there watching the gorilla. I adore him! Isn't he gorgeous? These are not very good photos, but I think he's such a beautiful guy. I wish I could have zoomed in closer and gotten really good, clear pics of him. Truthfully, I wish I could just get down there with him- face to face, but he'd probably rip me in half. I got some halfway decent pics of other things, though. Loving my new camera, even though I don't have any photographic talent.
My diet took a serious hit. Serious. We ate at my all-time favorite place on earth: Dixon's Chili. There was just no way I could be faithful to my diet and pass up Dixon's. It's not just good, greasy food to me- it reminds me of my dad, and everything good about him. It was his favorite spot, too. Eating there feels like I'm honoring his memory, even though that sounds goofy, and it makes me miss him. I'm sure he's looking down on me with pride as I pass on the Dixon's torch to his grand kids!! Then on Sunday, we stopped for great KC BBQ. You cannot visit Kansas City without eating BBQ. And don't even start debating with me about Memphis vs KC. I don't want to hear it. Memphis BBQ is good, but KC BBQ is better. And you poor Texans don't know how to BBQ, I'm sorry. You seem to think you do, but sadly, you do not. My goal with this post is not to hurt feelings or start any fights, though- so we'll leave it there and move on.

I'm telling myself that all the walking we did for two days straight will counteract the bad food choices. I'm hoping, anyway. I have to be bikini-ready for my Florida vacation in two weeks. ...Yes, of course I'm joking. I'm like that. I wouldn't make innocent bystanders look at this jiggly mess in a bikini. I'm not heartless, for Pete's sake.

The whole time we were gone, I was a little worried because we left Alex and Mike at home for the first time. I can't imagine one good reason why boys at 16 and 18 would not want to go to the zoo with Mom and Dad, but whatever...

I know what I was doing when my parents went out of town and left me alone at home as a teenager. It wasn't good. I was nervous about what was going to happen during our absence, as I remembered some of the (ree-hee-heally fun) things from my youth (If my mom is reading... That one was a joke, too- of course. I never did anything bad while you guys were out of town. I cleaned the house, read books, and volunteered at a soup kitchen. I was always in bed by 9 p.m. Yep).

Anyway, the house was still standing when we got home and the boys appeared to be "normal-" No vomit on their clothing or the floors, no glassy eyes looking back at us or beer breath rolling out of their mouths. No skanky girls hiding in closets. That's always a good thing. My bedsheets did not appear to have been... um... oh, we'll say- slept in. If you know what I mean. I really don't want anyone... um... sleeping in my bed besides me. Not that I really think my boys would do any of these things. They're good guys. I'm proud of them. BUT... Teenage boys, even really good ones, do things they have been ever-so-kindly instructed not to do; stupid things. Especially when they feel more like men than boys. AND... Mamas worry.

We were so tired when we got home late Sunday night. Our butts were dragging the ground and it was really hard to get going Monday morning. It's always fun to cram a lot of activities into a weekend, but you definitely pay for it Monday. I was still kind of in a fog all day yesterday, too- so I guess our whirlwind weekend really kicked my butt.

Darrell and I went up to our PD yesterday to get our fingerprints done for the FBI background checks, but they couldn't get good prints. They tried on me several times, wasted about 4 printing cards, then told us we'd be better off going to a different town with better equipment so that the prints won't be rejected. That's the joy of living in a really small town! We'll try again on Friday. Alex has to come with us, too- since he's 18. He will also have to come with us to KC when it's time to get re-printed. I sent in my request for our I600a extension (really important piece of paper from our gov't allowing us to adopt), so we should get a new fingerprint appointment for that pretty soon. Why can't you get your prints done just once and use those prints for all the different background checks? It's such a hassle. But all will be worth it!

Now, we need to start getting ready for the SW to come on Nov. 1st, which means it's time to let my OCD tendencies take over! YEAH! I leave in 12 days for Florida and will return only 4 days before the homestudy visit, so whatever I'm going to get done has to happen before I go. Obviously, my family will destroy all my hard work while I'm gone, and I will use the four days to frantically redo everything.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Where in the World is Sam? Follow-up to Clue #3

Alternate post title: "Address All Hate Mail to Darrell"

Most of you who took a crack at guessing on the last clue I gave assumed Sam will come from a continent beginning with the letter "S." But we didn't say that. Why would you think that? I mean, just because we ruled out six continents... How silly of you to think the answer would have to be the only continent remaining.

Before I explain, I'd like to get into the spirit of the political season by doing my best impression of a politician. I'm going to pass the blame. It was all Darrell's idea. Darrell's a great guy- God love him- but he's a terrible person. It really is his fault. He thought it would be tricky and clever to throw that clue at you. I was for it, but that was before I was vehemently opposed to it, so how could anyone blame me? I take no personal responsibility in this shameful display of flim-flammery. In fact, I wasn't even there at the time. Let me say that again... Time.

(Unless you caught the SNL parody of the VP debate, you're thinking I had a few too many cocktails for lunch. Go watch it. Too funny.)

If you're one of those really smart geographer-types, you would argue that every place on the planet belongs to one continent or the other. And you would be right, you picky little smarty-pants. But Darrell and me... We're not so much on the smarts or the geography. That's what makes us such capable homeschooling parents.

Here's the deal: The area we've chosen to (hopefully) adopt from is not actually on any of the seven continents. It is in a region associated with one of them, obviously, but not ON one of them.

Here's a bonus hint, just so you won't hate me too badly. We're trying to adopt from an area associated with a continent that begins with the letter A, but another, more specific, name for this region begins with an O. Most people don't use the term with the O- most people use a term beginning with a P. Most people assume that this area with the P belongs to a different continent beginning with an A, but it doesn't. It belongs to one of the other A's.

Now that really was a good hint. Convoluted, but good. Maybe even too good. If you're on your toes, you should be able to pinpoint the region, if not the exact location. I'll even toss you a bonus to the bonus hint... One of the commenters from the last clue was very, very warm. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Where in the world is Sam? Clue # 3

Are you ready for another hint in our little game? Who wants to figure out where our baby will come from?

Oh, be nice. At least feign interest for my sake, would you?

If you don't recall, the first clue was: We can choose gender in this program. I also gave an accidental second clue, which Tracy was smart enough to catch, when I said we were working on our dossier. According to her, domestic adoptions do not require a dossier, nor does Korea.

So... here is your third clue: We are not adopting from a continent that begins with the letters A, E, N, T, or B (See what I just did there? See how I intentionally threw in some nonsensical crap for no good reason? Yeah- I'm good at that. It's my gift).

Remember, the only rules are: You can guess as many times as you want, I won't reveal the winner until all the clues are given. If you already know the answer because I've told you or because you belong to the Yahoo group for this program, don't spoil it for those who want to play!

We have a tentative appointment for our first home visit with the SW on Nov. 1st and some of the 50 million documents I've had to order (birth, marriage, divorce certificates) are starting to roll in, so we are making some headway. We're far from done though. We need to get our physicals redone. We still need to get our Ii71-H changed and fingerprints redone. We're also required in this program to get a separate FBI check done, so we need to get fingerprints for that, too. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff we still need to do. We have to compile five sets of the dossier (Oops. That may be another accidental hint- I dunno.). It's driving me nuts. I want it all done NOW. I want my baby home. I feel like I've been waiting so long already, that starting over from Square One- and the idea that our real wait is just beginning- is pretty tough to swallow. I know several of you out there know exactly how this feels.

Tomorrow we're taking the kiddos up to KC. We're going to the zoo, an arts, crafts and music festival, and visiting my MIL. BUSY!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Prayers for Emmett

I've copied this whole post from Lauren's blog (Cheers Y'all!), since I know some of us get too busy to click on links, but this one is important. Please break from the busyness of your day and take a moment to read this and pray for Emmett.

A Request

Hey everyone - I just wanted to give y’all an update on what’s happening with Emmett, and make an important request.
On Monday we were told that the whole question on an intestinal malrotation had been laid to rest. Well, as it turns out, not so much. On Wednesday, Emmett’s doctor, after multiple consultations with pediatric surgeons and radiologists both here and back in the states, decided it would be best to move Emmett to Adenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, so that they could evaluate him. And after reviewing everything, the pediatric surgeon there has decided it is necessary to do open abdominal surgery to fix the malrotation.
So Emmett will undergo this surgery on Monday, hopefully midmorning. During the surgery the doctor will also place a gastrotomy tube (or peg tube), which is a more permanent feeding support system than the nasogastric tube Emmett has now. With all of his upcoming surgeries, in addition to his current feeding issues, everyone feels like this is the best choice for him.
So here’s what we need: PRAYER. Please pray for Emmett. Please pass this message along to whomever you think will pray for him. Feel free to link to this entry, if you’d like. But please pray for this little boy.
Here are some prayer suggestions:
That Emmett will make it through the surgery, first and foremost. It is expected to last about 3 hours, if everything goes well and there are no complications.
For Emmett’s surgeon (his name is Mr. Brain…seriously), that he would be granted wisdom and sure and steady hands.
That Emmett won’t face any operative or postoperative complications: the 3 biggest ones being infection, blood loss, and most importantly, adhesions following the surgery. The risk of adhesions that would necessitate emergency bowel surgery is about 10%, a number way higher than I’m comfortable with.
That following surgery, he and his GI tract would heal quickly, so that he can start being fed again, and so that we can leave the hospital (can I insert that English hospitals are not nearly as comfortable as American ones?).
That his pain will be well controlled, post-operatively.
Again, his surgery will happen midmorning England-time on Monday, which is 6 hours ahead of Central time in the US. So if they start at 10, that would be 4 in the morning for most of y’all, 5 am if you’re on the East Coast. If there is any way that it would work for you to pray for him at that time, please do. If you can’t wake up that early, please pray for him before you go to sleep on Sunday night.
Please pray - he has so much left to face if he can pull through this, but this is the first step. And as Mike said in the last post, we know that the Lord is watching over this child, and loves him more than we ever could. We have witnessed His hand working in this situation, and pray that He would continue to bless Emmett.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am going to vomit

The debate is on. Are you watching? Joe Biden needs Prep H under his eyes.

Heavens to Mergatroid. The word is "Nu-clee-er," not "Nu-cue-ler." Can we all set our partisan differences aside and agree on that much, at least?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm still here

My family hasn't murdered me yet, although I've done plenty of whining and by now, deserve to be taken out back and horse whipped.

I've lost two pounds... Shouldn't I have lost, like, 12 pounds by now? How long have I been on this stupid thing? Seems like a long, %&#$!!* time. I can already tell that my ultra-picky eating habits are going to be my undoing. I don't like any of my food choices and keep eating eggs, chicken and salad, salad, chicken and eggs. Yuck. In a couple weeks, I can start adding some carbs back in, so at least I'll be able to have some fruit or something. I need to start gathering recipes and learn to cook the way healthy people do, instead of cooking the way fat people do, so that I have more options. I basically need to relearn everything about the way I cook and eat.

The worst time of day is in the evening. I start craving something chocolate so bad I can hardly stand it. But I'm still trying. I haven't given up yet.

Thank you for the supportive comments on the last post. I've been rereading them to stay motivated. I appreciate it, guys!

And, Christina- if you're reading... Since you have your comments off right now (which I totally understand), I can't tell you on your blog how awesome I think it is that you're trying to get the information out there for people to make an informed choice. But, I think you deserve some props, so I'll give them here. That goes for you too, Elaine! I said I wouldn't venture any further into the political stuff, but I appreciate what you're both saying and doing. People need to become informed and open their eyes before they cast a vote. This is not a decision that should be made for us by the media. This is not a popularity contest, or a celebrity fan club- it's the future of our country. Thank you both for speaking up.