Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend in Review... Lots of Photos

We had so much fun with the kids last weekend. We went up to Kansas City early Saturday morning for an arts, crafts, and music festival at Missouri Town. The arts and crafts for sale were bogus for the most part (which was disappointing only to me), but we still had fun. The demonstrations and people dressed in period costumes were interesting. I think I told you I really go for all this historical crap- not enough to walk around dressed like this, but still...
It was also a weekend full of animals. This guy kept ramming the fence right in front of me with his humongous head because I was focused on taking pictures instead of giving him carrots. Scared the frap out of me.
Was so glad Alex wasn't there to see this big guy- his only thought would have been to shoot it.This was the biggest ox I have ever seen in my life. His name was Moses. He liked being scratched behind the ears.
And more animals.After we left Missouri Town, we did a little shopping and went to stay the night at Darrell's mom's. On Sunday, we took the kids to the KC zoo, and again had a great time. More monkeys... They look like they're in a cage, don't they? Right where they belong!If it wasn't for the kids tugging my arm to move along and see something else, I could literally spend the whole day there watching the gorilla. I adore him! Isn't he gorgeous? These are not very good photos, but I think he's such a beautiful guy. I wish I could have zoomed in closer and gotten really good, clear pics of him. Truthfully, I wish I could just get down there with him- face to face, but he'd probably rip me in half. I got some halfway decent pics of other things, though. Loving my new camera, even though I don't have any photographic talent.
My diet took a serious hit. Serious. We ate at my all-time favorite place on earth: Dixon's Chili. There was just no way I could be faithful to my diet and pass up Dixon's. It's not just good, greasy food to me- it reminds me of my dad, and everything good about him. It was his favorite spot, too. Eating there feels like I'm honoring his memory, even though that sounds goofy, and it makes me miss him. I'm sure he's looking down on me with pride as I pass on the Dixon's torch to his grand kids!! Then on Sunday, we stopped for great KC BBQ. You cannot visit Kansas City without eating BBQ. And don't even start debating with me about Memphis vs KC. I don't want to hear it. Memphis BBQ is good, but KC BBQ is better. And you poor Texans don't know how to BBQ, I'm sorry. You seem to think you do, but sadly, you do not. My goal with this post is not to hurt feelings or start any fights, though- so we'll leave it there and move on.

I'm telling myself that all the walking we did for two days straight will counteract the bad food choices. I'm hoping, anyway. I have to be bikini-ready for my Florida vacation in two weeks. ...Yes, of course I'm joking. I'm like that. I wouldn't make innocent bystanders look at this jiggly mess in a bikini. I'm not heartless, for Pete's sake.

The whole time we were gone, I was a little worried because we left Alex and Mike at home for the first time. I can't imagine one good reason why boys at 16 and 18 would not want to go to the zoo with Mom and Dad, but whatever...

I know what I was doing when my parents went out of town and left me alone at home as a teenager. It wasn't good. I was nervous about what was going to happen during our absence, as I remembered some of the (ree-hee-heally fun) things from my youth (If my mom is reading... That one was a joke, too- of course. I never did anything bad while you guys were out of town. I cleaned the house, read books, and volunteered at a soup kitchen. I was always in bed by 9 p.m. Yep).

Anyway, the house was still standing when we got home and the boys appeared to be "normal-" No vomit on their clothing or the floors, no glassy eyes looking back at us or beer breath rolling out of their mouths. No skanky girls hiding in closets. That's always a good thing. My bedsheets did not appear to have been... um... oh, we'll say- slept in. If you know what I mean. I really don't want anyone... um... sleeping in my bed besides me. Not that I really think my boys would do any of these things. They're good guys. I'm proud of them. BUT... Teenage boys, even really good ones, do things they have been ever-so-kindly instructed not to do; stupid things. Especially when they feel more like men than boys. AND... Mamas worry.

We were so tired when we got home late Sunday night. Our butts were dragging the ground and it was really hard to get going Monday morning. It's always fun to cram a lot of activities into a weekend, but you definitely pay for it Monday. I was still kind of in a fog all day yesterday, too- so I guess our whirlwind weekend really kicked my butt.

Darrell and I went up to our PD yesterday to get our fingerprints done for the FBI background checks, but they couldn't get good prints. They tried on me several times, wasted about 4 printing cards, then told us we'd be better off going to a different town with better equipment so that the prints won't be rejected. That's the joy of living in a really small town! We'll try again on Friday. Alex has to come with us, too- since he's 18. He will also have to come with us to KC when it's time to get re-printed. I sent in my request for our I600a extension (really important piece of paper from our gov't allowing us to adopt), so we should get a new fingerprint appointment for that pretty soon. Why can't you get your prints done just once and use those prints for all the different background checks? It's such a hassle. But all will be worth it!

Now, we need to start getting ready for the SW to come on Nov. 1st, which means it's time to let my OCD tendencies take over! YEAH! I leave in 12 days for Florida and will return only 4 days before the homestudy visit, so whatever I'm going to get done has to happen before I go. Obviously, my family will destroy all my hard work while I'm gone, and I will use the four days to frantically redo everything.


Elaine said...

Okay, is that really just a chain link fence between you and that bison/buffalo/whatever? And he kept head-butting it? Oh my word! I would have run away.

char said...

I love the gorilla, too. What a majestic fella'. You must be forgiven for the barbeque. It's totally true that you must eat it when in KC. Come to think of it, I think you have to eat it when in Memphis, or North Carolina, or at any sort of town festival that sells it, or if there's a Sonny's in your town..