Thursday, October 16, 2008

Praying for the economy

I really enjoy Max Lucado's books. This is him, praying from his own prayer journal, during one of his church services.


rainbowmom said...

I enjoy Max Lucado as well. And, I'm all about prayer journals. It's amazing to see the places my heart and soul have been when I go back and read, and to see that God listened, and cared, and answered.

I think we know the "what's next". We've been told and like Mr. Lucado said, we were warned. And, now, here we are.

Michelle, have you read the books I recommended? I'm not trying to publicize for the authors, I promise, they've just put a whole new twist on what I've believed. And, it goes in line so much of what we've been warned of, and where we are now.

Elaine said...

I like the idea of writing prayers down. I've made lists of people to pray for, but never written out entire prayers. It would probably help me focus more. Thank you for sharing this. I really like his point about being warned about the love of money, as well.

S. said...

I like him too--that was a beautiful prayer and so true.