Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm still here

My family hasn't murdered me yet, although I've done plenty of whining and by now, deserve to be taken out back and horse whipped.

I've lost two pounds... Shouldn't I have lost, like, 12 pounds by now? How long have I been on this stupid thing? Seems like a long, %&#$!!* time. I can already tell that my ultra-picky eating habits are going to be my undoing. I don't like any of my food choices and keep eating eggs, chicken and salad, salad, chicken and eggs. Yuck. In a couple weeks, I can start adding some carbs back in, so at least I'll be able to have some fruit or something. I need to start gathering recipes and learn to cook the way healthy people do, instead of cooking the way fat people do, so that I have more options. I basically need to relearn everything about the way I cook and eat.

The worst time of day is in the evening. I start craving something chocolate so bad I can hardly stand it. But I'm still trying. I haven't given up yet.

Thank you for the supportive comments on the last post. I've been rereading them to stay motivated. I appreciate it, guys!

And, Christina- if you're reading... Since you have your comments off right now (which I totally understand), I can't tell you on your blog how awesome I think it is that you're trying to get the information out there for people to make an informed choice. But, I think you deserve some props, so I'll give them here. That goes for you too, Elaine! I said I wouldn't venture any further into the political stuff, but I appreciate what you're both saying and doing. People need to become informed and open their eyes before they cast a vote. This is not a decision that should be made for us by the media. This is not a popularity contest, or a celebrity fan club- it's the future of our country. Thank you both for speaking up.


Elaine said...

Two pounds!!!! Way to go!!! I know it isn't 12, but it still is awesome! Awesome! Because, wow, how hard is it to not give in to those chocolate cravings? But you are doing it!

(honestly, I never was a cheerleader, but I firmly believe anyone trying to eat healthier deserves at least one, so I'm doing my best)

Lina said...

Good job on the 2 pounds! That's a lot for how long you've been at it and every pound counts. I'm cheering for you!


Tracy's corner said...

Hang in there. Two pounds is good.
I just started weight watchers and I lost 2 pounds too. We are going to Disney World next Sept. I don't want to be the fat mommy!

Christina said...

Aw Thanks Michelle!! I do hope people take the time to really investigate the candidates - I think many would be surprised if they knew all the facts about Mr. O.

And way to go, 2 POUNDS! WHOO HOO!! YOU ROCK!! Seriously - I can't lose a pound to save my life, so I think it's awesome!

And about the chocolate... what if you just sucked on like 1 little m-n-m? I totally do that - just let the thing melt in my mouth - and it really does help the chocolate craving so I don't have to eat an entire bag. (at once - the bag eventually gets consumed, but not quite so fast that way!)