Thursday, October 30, 2008

Consider this...

Most of us have made up our minds by now about the upcoming election. Personally, I can't imagine how anyone could still be undecided at this point, but I know some are. If you are still trying to make up your mind, take a look at these posts by Ohilda at "A Bouquet of Blessings:"
Still Undecided Part 1
Still Undecided Part 2
and Don't Shudder

Warning: These posts are going to tick off the unbeliever and/or the diehard members of the Obama Fan Club, but if you're still struggling over your vote, or Obama's position on some of the topics close to the hearts of believers, give these posts a look. If you are in the Rah! Rah! Obama! Camp, and you choose to look at these anyway, you do so at your own risk. If you have a stroke, it's not my fault. And please do not be a jerk. Play nice. Do not leave nasty comments on this sweet woman's blog. She's not asking for a debate. If you absolutely must be mean, come back here and be mean to me.


Mom To Six said...


You almost made me cry, girl!! You know, I have to say that I have not had ONE negative post or email. Sometimes I'm afraid to open my email when I see I have comments or the subject line refers to my post, but God has been good, and my readers ROCK!!!!!

I love the Jesus in you!



Nicki said...

I've already voted and you know I'm already decided. :)

But I wanted to say that Tony and I frequently have this conversation about the undecideds. I think I totally get why some would still be undecided. These two candidates couldn't be more different and what do you do if you have important issues that really aren't represented by EITHER candidate??? What if your issues aren't social issues at all but big issues like the economy, taxes, healthcare, etc? What do you do if you don't trust Obama or won't vote for a black guy or are afraid he's a - gasp - Muslim but you absolutely don't agree with McCain's politics? What do you do if you are a dyed-in-the-wool party follower but absolutely can not get behind your party this time? And finally I think there is a big group of people who just don't want to be pigeonholed and probably have already made up their mind long ago but want to keep that decision close to the cuff. I've read over and over that undecideds break evenly so it doesn't seem to much matter.

Ok so that wasn't really the point of your post but I have been thinking about the undecideds a lot lately.