Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am going to vomit

The debate is on. Are you watching? Joe Biden needs Prep H under his eyes.

Heavens to Mergatroid. The word is "Nu-clee-er," not "Nu-cue-ler." Can we all set our partisan differences aside and agree on that much, at least?


Elaine said...

Ha ha ha ha!

rainbowmom said...

snort! We have a guy on our board of directors (for our agency which works in Vietnam) who calls the Vietnamese, the Vietmanese. Hearing Nucueler reminded me of him. Hilarious!

Christina said...

Ha... Loved the botox too.

Sarah ROCKED that debate!! :)

McCain/Palin '08!!!

Nicki said...

We can agree on that. I told my boys that if they learned NOTHING else watching the debate last night that at least they had better learn that the word is pronounced phonetically! LOL

Heidi said...

Yes, that is something we can all agree on! Just like Bush, I'm sure she KNOWS how to pronounce it correctly, so why do you think they both do so incorrectly?