Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love Without Boundaries

UPDATE: LWB won today's $1000.00 challenge! Today is the cut-off to win the $50K. Thank you for donating, if you have already. If you haven't and want to, HURRY!

For those of you who may not know, Love Without Boundaries is a wonderful organization that helps children in China's orphanages. They help arrange and pay for surgeries, provide medical care, foster care, and nutritional and educational support. You can visit the website to read more about them here, just finish reading this first!

LWB is taking part in a Giving Challenge sponsored by Facebook. They are in the last 24 hrs. of the challenge and need as many people willing to donate $10 as possible! The charity with the most individual donors giving $10 or more by February 1st will win $50,000 for their charity. They are currently in first place but may not stay that way for long. If they win this money, LWB intends to use the funds to save the lives of orphaned children in China needing heart surgery. Since heart surgeries average $5000 in China, the prize money could help ten children have a second chance at life!

What's really cool about this is that the contest counts each individual donor, not just total dollars raised. So 20 people responding with a donation of only ten dollars will have a greater impact (towards winning the prize money) than one person giving $200. You know you will blow ten bucks on something stupid today anyway! Yes, you will. You'll buy a few mochas, or new lipstick, maybe some Odor-Eaters or new boxer shorts, or something really, really stupid, like bread and milk. But nothing that costs you ten bucks today will be life-changing. Wouldn't you rather use it to help a baby whose life can be changed? Come on... Help a kid!

Their website talks a little more about the challenge here if you need more information, BUT-I would rather you click here to go to their Facebook page. You can read about the contest there and donate. You will need to join Facebook to do it, but you can always delete your profile afterwards if you don't go for that kind of stuff.

LWB also has a blog at:

I received this email this morning:
Amy Eldridge posted an announcement to the cause Love Without Boundaries Foundation.
Subject: Final 24 hours plea
My message is a bit long today but I hope you will read it to the end. We have just 24 hours left in the Giving Challenge contest on Facebook. 24 hours to try and stay in the lead. And we can’t do it without you. As I type this, I am staring at the photos of 12 babies who are hurting because they were born with heart disease. Their eyes truly haunt me, first because they are orphaned and as a mother it is hard to accept that any child has to be sick without a mom or dad to comfort them….but second because I know that without surgery, the pictures I have of these children might be their last. Do you know how small a baby’s heart is? And how fragile an orphan’s life is when that tiny heart has a defect? These pictures are of children who are blue, children who are tired, children who NEED OUR HELP. I also have on my desk the photos of children whose hearts we have healed. They stare out at me with pink cheeks and smiles, and in many…with their new adoptive families. THIS is what it is all about. Saving lives, giving a second chance, and allowing a child to find their family and know complete love. In the next 24 hours we have a chance to give the GIFT OF LIFE to 10 more children in need. The charity with the most unique $10 donors at 12 noon PST on February 1st will win $50,000. Heart surgery in China averages just $5000 per child, so with that prize….ten children can have a second chance at life. I am not going to ask you today to find 10 more donors, or even 5 more donors to help us. I am asking you to find just ONE person in your life that hasn’t donated and to ask that person to please help you save a life. For just $10. If all of us do this, we could have over a thousand new donors in just one day. How often do we spend $10 on things that last just a moment? $10 for two fancy coffees, $10 for a movie and popcorn, $10 for a dinner out. How about for today, for the next 24 hours, we all find $10 for something that will last a LIFETIME. $10 to save a baby’s life and allow a priceless child (who is orphaned and totally innocent) to get a second chance at finding a family to love them. Find just one friend in the next 24 hours, and encourage them to join our cause and donate. $10 for the life of a child. Of all the money you have spent this week….this might be the most important. Thank you EVERYONE for keeping LWB in the running for the top prize. We love our supporters and give thanks everyday for the amazing generosity, compassion, and kindness you show to those who live as orphans each and every day. We truly are a family, bound together by the belief that every child born on this earth matters. Here’s the link! Let’s do it for the kids.

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