Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Need Your Help

I realized this afternoon that I'm not using my blog to its full potential as the powerful tool it could be. I could be using it to do so much good. For example, I can turn to the blogging community to send a collective "In your face!" to my kids.

Will someone out there please tell my family that it's not disgusting, or strange, or something I just made up, to eat Velveeta cheese on apple pie? Please??? My parents and their families are from Iowa and Minnesota, and cheese on apple pie is normal up there. I've eaten it that way all my life. It's great! Surely, I'm not the only one. And how can people who dip potato chips in ketchup, and put ketchup on their tacos, have any room to talk about my pie-eating habits? Some of these same individuals- with their discerning, disapproving palates- eat corn dogs, for Pete's sake. Corn dogs.

I've set up a little poll above, to help settle this family "discussion" once and for all. I need some Velveeta/Apple pie supporters to come out of the woodwork and help me. It is time for us to rise up and band together. Now's your chance. Someone? Anyone? Please?


Miles' Mama said...

I've got your back on this one. I am from Minnesota, have seen the Velveeta/Apple Pie combo from time to time, but honestly I've never eaten it. Not because I didn't want to because let's face it, I will eat just about anything with cheese on it. (Velveeta does count as cheese, right?) And by the way, the thought of ketchup on tacos makes me gag. Yucky.

Leslie & Shaune said...

Well I admit i've never done Velveeta but I love sharp old cheddar with apple pie, in fact i won't eat apple pie unless i can have cheese to nibble on at the same time.
it goes wonderfully with blueberry pie as well :)

ketchup on taco's. yikes. now that is GROSS.

Michelle said...


lol- I admit I was using the term "cheese" somewhat loosely to describe Velveeta. You're so funny.

Michelle said...

Leslie and Shaune,

Never heard of the cheese/blueberry combo. I'll have to try that one! And thanks for your support on the tacos. Imagine how GROSS it is to sit there and watch it. Ruins a perfectly good Mexican dinner for me.

Anonymous said...

OK--To be fair I have to tell you that I am an extremely picky eater. SO...I have to say that both sound pretty nasty to me!! I have never heard of ketchup on tacos or cheese on apple pie??

I must tell you that I LOVE your blog and check it daily. It has been quite a comic outlet for me along with a wonderful blessing.

Tina in KC,MO

S. said...

velveeta? Now I have to change my answer, LOL! I have heard of cheddar with apple pie--but velveeta isn't actually cheese is it? haha!

Michelle said...

Hey, Tina- I grew up right outside of KCMO (in Grandview) and lived there until about 15 yrs. ago. Nice to have you here!!! How are things in my hometown?

Anonymous said...


It is snowing right now!! We are supposed to have 4 to 6 inches by tomorrow.

It's certainly a small world!


reslie said...

I'm with leslie & shaune. I've never had Velveeta with apple pie, but sharp cheddar cheese with apple pie is the best!

dimeadozen said...

Cheese and apple pie, not for me. I mean I love cheese and I LOVE apple pie but just not together. I'm not saying its wierd or wrong, just not for me. I don't know, now that you mention it cheddar and pie sounds rather interesting.

Ketchup is one of the main food groups! Which means, served in conjunction with almost anything else is good AND HEALTHY! I did say almost anything.

When I was young I used to eat ketchup on scrambled eggs, but thank goodness I grew out of that phase, but on plain potato chips is fine, after all most people dip their french fries is ketchup and they are potatos.

And finally tacos. If I'm eating home made tacos yes most definately, it is the american version of tacos (but only tacos, not enchiladas etc...)but NOT at a good Mexican Resturant, break out the sauce.