Monday, January 7, 2008


14 years ago today, Darrell and I ventured out at 6:30 on a dark, icy, COLD morning, to head for the hospital. It was C-Section Day. We crept along at a snail's pace because the roads were so bad. A few hours later, I was laying in a warm bed holding my new son, Evan. He was absolutely beautiful. The past 14 yrs. of knowing him have been such a blessing and so much fun. Evan is our resident wiseacre, and is always saying something to get a laugh out of us, even when he should be getting yelled at. His smart mouth is going to get him in trouble one day, I'm sure. He's too much like his mother in that respect.
We yanked Evan's tired bum out of bed pretty early this morning to celebrate the occassion, since it was the only time the whole family would be home at the same time. Cake for breakfast... Am I a cool mom, or what? The girls wanted to take on the job of decorating the cake this year. Didn't they do a great job? You will notice the candles say "41." That's not an accident. It's because Evan is such a smart*%$. He found them in the drawer the other day and came in holding them in his hand in that order (41, instead of 14) to tell me that I had bought the wrong candles. He said, "Mom, what were you thinking? You really messed up! Why would you buy a *41*? I'm really getting worried about you, Mom. I think you've gone nuts." So, I put them in that order on his cake.


Rebecca said...

The Hoffmann's

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Happy Birthday Evan

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Happy Birthday Evan!