Monday, March 16, 2009

What do you think?

I've been eating a lot of omelets lately. I mean a lot. I ate one for breakfast this morning, and I'm craving one already again for lunch. We went out for breakfast two weeks ago, and instead of ordering french toast, or something like that, I ordered an omelet. I paid someone to make me eggs. That is mind-boggling to me. I guess I should mention that I don't like eggs. That is probably a significant detail. I'll eat them if someone has fixed them, but they are never my first choice and I never, ever fix them for myself. Until now.

I've also been drinking tons of frozen Dr. Peppers (they're like an Icee) from the convenience store up the street. I never, ever drink Dr. Pepper, except for when I was pregnant with Livie and I craved the frozen ones like crazy. Just like I have been lately. I'm a loyal Diet Pepsi girl, and don't even like the taste of Dr. Pepper. Except, now I do.

This morning, when I was making my omelet, Evan said, "Man, mom, what is your deal with omelets all of a sudden?"

Then Alex goes, "Ya pregnant?"

No. I'm absolutely NOT pregnant. But it made me start thinking... Is it possible to have pregnancy cravings when you're adopting? I mean, can your mind play games with you like that? If so, is there a name for it?

I just weighed myself and I've gained five pounds... Okay, fine. I lied. How did you know? It's really six seven eight lbs. Geez, what are you, a detective or something? Five is close enough to eight. Yeah, like you never round down on your weight. Gosh. Five Eight pounds of eggs and pure sugar from the Dr. Peppers.

So, I appeal to the collective smarts of my wise and experienced blog buddies... What gives? Has my mind convinced my body I'm pregnant? Is that possible? Maybe it's just the stress of hoping for our referral, BUT then wouldn't I be craving my favorite comfort foods (mac n cheese, chocolate, etc.)? Why would I be craving things I don't like... especially 8 flippin' pounds worth? What say you?


Christina Hubbard said...

My husband swears the same thing for me. I keep craving the crazy things! Now we also know that I can NOT be pregnant but...who knows?? And I am not sharing how much I have gained!!:)

lookingforgeorge said...

Hmm . . . I know I stress ate, but I don't remember craving things I didn't like. I am, however, jealous that you can eat eggs!

metaphase said...

I love a good omlet, and there are worse things to crave- like chili dogs. Why do I crave those when I'm not pregnant nor am I adopting!
Ok, total TMI here, but while I was adopting, I continued to lactate even though I had stopped nursing Ava when she was 6 months old. That's total mind over body. Now if I could just will myself skinny...

Laura L. said...

I know I gained about 10 pounds during our adoption. :)

Heather said...

well... since there has never been any scientific proof as to what causes pregnancy cravings, maybe it is psychological. And if it is phychological, then of course it would be possible to have the same cravings when adopting. Its like the nesting thing. When we were close to completing our adoption I was nesting like crazy. Your hormones shift when you are preparing to becoming a mother (again). and just like with pregnancy, some of the wait you gain will come off when the baby gets here because you will be crazy busy. So enjoy your eggs and Frozen Dr. Peppers (which sounds completely disgusting BTW) and know that your due date is right around the corner.