Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 txt or not 2 txt

we hav bcm a fmly of txtrs, much 2 my dsgust. r u 1, 2? my kids txt me all the time. i h8 2 txt! y, u ask? idk. i jst do. 4 1 thng, i h8 2 typ on a small kypd. & im 2 slow. + its obnxs. its easr just 2 talk & get it ovrwth. i h8 2 txt almst as much as i h8 FB (facebook). i sur hpe all ths txtng dosnt affct my spllng skilz or grmmr.

I can't take it anymore... There. Real words. That's better, isn't it? Seriously, texting has taken over my family. The boys sit down at the dinner table and their phones start vibrating before we finish saying grace. I'm going to banish all phones from the dinner table. I will search their pockets. I mean it. I will. Next, I may start banishing children. We'll see how it goes with the phones, first. If I'm in Walmart, I'll receive 10 texts in the span of two minutes, each one requiring me to stop what I'm doing to see what they want.

Text #1: ned toilt papr.
Text #2: ktchup.
Text #3: wen u b hom?
Text #4: can u get som twizlrs?
Text #5: milk
Text #6: can i go to c movie w cdy 2nite?

...And on and on and on... You get the idea. Can't these people just flippin' call me? A trip to Walmart now takes an hour longer than it did b4. Oops... Sorry. I meant *before.*


Laura L. said...

2 txt!
I hated it at first too, but as a mom with 2 teens and a 20-something, I decided to do it. I was super slow at it at first too.

The more U text, the faster U get.
I've become pretty fast at it. I actually enjoy texting a lot now. Don't hate me. :)

I can't do all of the texting lingo though. I can say LOL or BTW, or whatever, but I'll never have all the teen lingo. I'm okay with that.
The perfectionist in me would hardly allow it anyway. I HAVE to type all the words out. LOL!

Christina Hubbard said...

I don't mind texting too much. I also can't do all the lingo...I guess I am afraid of getting a bad grade in spelling! :) I do hate the bringing the phone to the table! We just had this discussion last night! I have also caught my son at Church doing it. We had a long talk about that one as well! :)


Rebecca said...

I refuse to text! Catie keeps trying but I just won't answer her and most of the time I don't read the text! The girl can text faster then she talks!!

Tracy said...

Here is something funny. I don't know how to text!

Nicki said...

I feel your pain. You know, reading your post made me wonder if my stepson's absolutely awful spelling on facebook might be his attempt at "chatspeak"? Honestly there are times when we are so mortified when he comments on things that we want to pretend he isn't related. I don't mind the texting but I draw the line when it filters over into regular writing. Oh and I could live without my 7 year old (who doens't read well and hates to write) talking in chatspeak constantly. Blah.

Tami said...

I hate to admit I'm a texter, but I don't use the abbreviations, which drives some of my friends nuts! I say why give up good spelling and grammar for the sake of saving myself from typing a few letters. (I also have a palm which makes it a little easier. :)

Heather said...

ahhh... we fell victom to texting this winter. We put up a good fight. But I mostly only use it to talk to hubby at his work. He works in a prison.. lots of steel... hard to get phone reception, but texts go right through. however, I yell at anyone who texts me. talk to me, or don't bother. I spent 3 days with my neice and her phone... I wasn't needed in the room. She looked at me like I had three heads when I made her not only put it away at the dinner table... i made her shut the phone completely off. She was completely traumatized. lol... she got over it.... and spent the next 3 hours catching up.

Stacy said...

Ok, this brought me out of lurkerdom! I hate texting. I swear it took me as long to decipher he first part of your post as to read all the rest (a dozen times over). I'm slow, I don't know the lingo, and I find it incredibly rude when my teen cousins text through every family encounter we have. Don't get me started on what else the older one does in relation to texting. And her writing? It was bad anyway, I swear texting has now truly made her illiterate. I'm sure I'll fall prey to full-blown texting at some point, for now I tolerate it but just barely!

metaphase said...

I do text a few people. I use the itap mode though that guesses which word you're spelling and puts in in there for you. I only do it for a few people who I know are busy and may not be able to answer the phone if I called. I find calling so much easier, though! But, I have to say texting and driving is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard of!! When does that EVER seem like a good idea? They're trying to pass a law against it here. It's just sad that they even have to make that kind of legislation in the first place.

Sherrie said...

We just got into the whole texting thing, and I quite like it. I only wish I were faster and knew all the codes/abbreviations. LOL! I do my own shortcut texting. LOL! Such a funny post! I wish they'd come up with VOICE texting...that'd be cool. LOL!

Elaine said...

Everybody (except my in-laws) knows not to text me or my husband, because we refuse to learn how to do it. Texting that is. I think we've actually got "it" down. Anyway, I'm with you -- just call me if it's that important.