Sunday, March 8, 2009


I guess you could say I did a little shopping yesterday... No, that's not quite right. It wasn't a little shopping. I'm not sure what to call it. It wasn't even a shopping spree... It was more like a shopping bender... No... I committed a full-on shopping assault- a shopping blitzkrieg, maybe? Closer, but no... What is a sudden, passionate, fervent outburst of unbridled shopping called? A shopping orgy? Can it be an orgy if only one person is involved? If that one person is doing the shopping of four normal humans, can it then be classified as a shopping orgy?

Let's see- 40 schmillion dollars later...
Car seat- Check
Stroller- Check and Check (actually two strollers- a big one and an umbrella one)
Baby monitor- Check
Baby clothes... Um, yeah- Check, Check, Check, Check and... Oh, Crap... Check.

This doesn't even begin to cover it, but I couldn't get it all into one shot.

I woke up yesterday morning and my first thoughts were swirling around our baby. I don't recall dreaming about him- I just woke up with him on my mind, and feeling absolutely, 100%, completely, positively sure (a great amount of certainty is what I would be indicating, here) that our referral is just around the corner and we're getting a boy. The feeling was incredibly strong. More like a knowledge than a hunch. I felt giddy and joyful and hopeful- a very nice way to wake up. I don't know why I felt this way and I'm not suggesting I was having a psychic moment or anything freaky like that. But, definitely one of those unmistakable Mom Moments- hopefully a strong case of mother's intuition (wouldn't it be awesome if it turned out to be right?). Hence, the boy clothes (and I got monkeys, Heather).Obviously, every baby boy needs a tiny surfer dude outfit. Why do they even make these? How many babies really need swimming trunks? It was cute though, and 50% off, so... there you have it. Besides, he's coming from a beachy place, so he must have the appropriate attire, right?
AND... Just in case my radar is off:
Obviously, one gender's clothes will have to be returned. Which will be a huge hassle, what with looking for receipts that have long since flown the coop by the time I have to find them again. Then I will have to exchange 89.9% of the clothes I'd wanted to keep for different sizes, I'll bet, and they won't have the same outfit in the size I need anymore, so I'll be all disappointed, like, "Geez, this blows." Then, while I'm standing there feeling like the world is about to end and all that, I will see 25 more outfits and buy those, too (I'm sorry Darrell, but I'm just being honest- you know it's gonna go down that way, so let's just accept the things we cannot change, hon).

So, yeah... This was a really smart thing to do.

I don't know how this happened. I've been so restrained; so good. I bought a crib and a few sheets back in January, and then I stopped. I waited. I was going to keep waiting. One minute, I was totally under control and the next thing I knew... Oh, crap.

There's still a very small voice in the back of my mind, whispering things like:
"What? Are you completely NUTS, woman?
What if this adoption doesn't work out?
Don't get your hopes up too high.
You'll be heartbroken if something goes wrong.
How will you look at all those little outfits, knowing there will be no baby to wear them?
How will you stand there at the Macy's cash register and hand each thing over to the cashier without bursting into tears (or flames... or worse... is there worse?)?"

I keep shutting her up by stuffing Dove milk chocolate squares (yes, we had to upgrade from M&M's. Desperate times, and what not) and Double Stuff in her mouth. She thinks she's the lone voice of reason, but to her I say, "You're just the voice of fatness. Have a cookie."

But, you know... She's right.

I will be heartbroken.

Please, God. Let it work out this time. Bring my Sam home soon.

8 comments: said...

Wheeee! I love your crazy shopping spree!!! What fun! Wish I could have come with you. I do so love to shop :P Very interesting about your sudden need to get it done. I bet it means something!

Dawn said...

Sounds like FUN!!
I would love to hear what kind of carseat and stroller you bought. I need a new stroller and could use some suggestions.

Dawn said...

Please email me at WeAreAdopting at yahoo

mrsbroccoliguy said...

I LOVE shopping for baby stuff. I was at Macy's baby dept yesterday too, shopping for a friend whose baby is due in June. I had to really work to restrain myself, seeing as it's not my kid and I don't need to provide them with a full wardrobe. But if I had another baby on the way? Yeah, I'd probably be on a spree too - especially with adoption, buying baby clothes makes it feel more REAL somehow - and that's very important, IMHO. And like you say, you can always return half the stuff - or if you lose receipts, there's aways ebay!! No worries, just enjoy that mysterious and wonderful feeling of anticipation. :-)

metaphase said...

Wish I could have joined in on that little shopping adventure. I love it! Now, get home soon, Sam!
I don't think it's really that crazy buying stuff to prepare for a baby. Pregnant people do it all the time and there's always a chance something could go wrong in that case too, but it doesn't stop them. Nor should it stop you! :)

lookingforgeorge said...

Well, I won't be shocked if you find out Sam was born March 7 or something like that. What fun to just shop and shop like that! And if you can't find receipts to return stuff you don't need? You already have a bunch of baby shower gifts when you need them! (Really, babies don't care if they are wearing last year's clothes).

myminivanrocks said...

I don't think it counts as a crazy shopping spree since you *clearly* intent to return half of it. :)

Everyone needs a little retail therapy every now and then. Do you shop at Old Navy or GAP? I have a 30% off coupon good for March 12-15 that I could e-mail you! I think GAP is a bit expensive, but Old Navy has some pretty good stuff!

Sherrie said...

I'm lovin' all the monkey outfits. I bought one for my little guy while doing a "change of season" shopping spree on Saturday. We actually call him Micah Monkey, so the monkey clothes are super appropriate! :)