Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Goofy Girl

Just wanted to share a quick story about my sweetie-pie. Last night we were sitting together watching TV and someone on the show we watched was getting married.

Bri asked, "Where will I go on my honeymoon, Mommy?"

My brain starts conjuring up visions of beautiful, far-away places: Italy, Fiji, Ireland, Bora Bora, Detroit... all the places I'd love to visit, but never have.

I told her, "Honey, that will be up to you and the man you marry. I won't have any say-so in it when the time comes, and you wouldn't want me to, anyway. But maybe you could take your husband back to China and show him where you were born. He would probably be interested in that, don't you think?"

Bri said, "Yeah... Or maybe we could just go out to eat."

End of conversation.

I don't always understand how the kid's mind works, but I love it just the same. And why wouldn't I? She's a little weirdo, just like her mama (If you know us, you know that's true and it's said in love).


Anonymous said...

Maybe they could just go out to eat IN Detroit? Somewhere along 8 Mile. It's so lovely there.

Michelle said...

Bwaaahahaha... Oops, I peed a little. I think that's a very romantic idea and I will suggest it when the time comes. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Detroit? I live here and there is not much left. It is beginning to look like the country in the city (no one lives here anymore). My sister (sadly left. Even the mayor left and went to Texas! Maybe one day we will get back to being a beautiful city!

P.S. I dont live in Detroit but in a city about 1/2 hour from there.