Monday, September 1, 2008

Moving On

Chandra, at Table Pho Three, has a post up today that I hope you will take time to read. She sums up everything I'm thinking and feeling about the Vietnam situation so much better than I could have done. My heart goes out to her and all the other Vietnam families.

I'm thinking that the name of this blog should change. Not the url- I don't want to start another new blog, just the name... I have no idea what to call it, because I really don't know what kind of blog this is. What category does it even fit into? It's sort of an adoption blog. Even though Sam didn't join our family, we still have two adoptees to talk about. But then again, it's sort of not. It's sort of a mommy/parenting blog, but not always... What is it?

Anyhoo... I'm open to suggestions. Tell me what you think. How would you categorize my blog, and what would you name it? Keep it clean, please.

If I don't get any responses, maybe I'll just rename it: "Ellipses, Commas and Dashes," because I use too many of these: "...," ",,,," and "----". How's that? :-D


Heather said...

I had a really hard time changing the name of my blog, so I probably won't be of much help. But I think you have done a fantastic job about writing about your entire family, and I will continue reading as long as you write. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I enjoy reading your today.

Angel said...

Mine is a catch all blog- I say find something that defines who you are... Mine is Voice Of Adventure after a quiet time article that we use as our family mission. :0) Angel

Nicki said...

ha - well I like elipses, commas and dashes!! LOL

My heart breaks today for you and all of my friends who are saying a final farewell.

Leslie & Shaune said...

i'm sorry to see so many americans having to move on today :( my heart is with you and all the other families. its just crazy that it has finally come to this.


Chandra said...

Thanks for the shout out, I'm glad my post was able to help explain some of what we are all feeling today.

As for names, I like Ellipses, Commas and Dashes too! :)

Laurie said...

Maybe you could call it "the artist formally known as ___" but I love ellipses, commas adn dashes too. Or, you could REALLY throw people off and just name it ... because they'd have no idea what to call it if they said it out loud!! Whatever you name it, we'll still read it!

On a serious note, my heart is so heavy for you and my other blogger friends who have let go of the hope of adopting from VN today. It sucks. No if's and's or but's. Hey, there's a name.

Lina said...

I don't have any clever suggestions for names - I'm not very creative.

I did want to say that my heart goes out to you though with this closing of VN adoptions.