Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Blog Lady

I was going to post more about my "blog lady" tomorrow, but since I've already had a few questions and emails about the new blog and its designer, I'll post more info. on her now. She has a link at the top of my sidebar, but her blog is: Blogs By Danielle. So, her name would be... Rita! No, pay attention- it's Danielle. When I mentioned her blog sale, I should have told you it's running through Valentine's Day, so if this is something you were thinking about doing anyway, you may want to get in on it now. She can also just do a header if you don't want to do a full blog makeover. You can see samples of her work on her blog. I think she still has a little tinkering to do on mine, but even if she decided to cover my blog with skulls and crossbones (please don't, Danielle) I can still say I'd recommend her, based on her personality alone and the effort she has put into giving me a blog that really reflects my taste. She's very accomodating, really nice, and easy to work with. Sales pitch done. See ya tomorrow.

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