Monday, February 18, 2008

14:59 and Counting...

That's the clock ticking away on my 15 minutes of fame.

I cannot believe the reaction I got to that Yahoo Groups post the other day. I will start feeling guilty if I let a compliment pass without a thank you, so I started out trying to comment on the blogs where I noticed my post had been copied, but decided to just thank everyone here. So... a huge THANK YOU for all the compliments that were left on this blog, as well as others! I am beyond flattered and frankly, really surprised that my stupidity would garner so much attention. It was really fun to see so many comments, since you guys know I've always run a small-potatoes outfit around here and I never get that much response on anything. Suddenly, I went from my usual 15-20 visitors a day, to over one hundred a day! I've had over 700 visitors this week, with 200 of those being the day after that post was published. It's been copied and pasted onto several blogs, someone commented about it on one of the groups, and I received several very nice personal emails about it, too. It's insane!! Again- thank you! Quite a confindence booster for this pitiful little house frau who can't seem to get anyone to hear her requests to take out the trash- lol!

I'm so relieved that the post was received in the way it was intended, and that so many people got it. I'm glad it was something we were all ready to laugh about. After I hit the publish button, I must admit I spent a few moments nervously thinking, "Oh, you idiot! What have you done?" I was preparing for a few nasty comments from those who might recognize themselves and assume I meant "them." I was not at all prepared for all the kindness I ended up getting.

I was really enjoying all this new attention, and thinking that- while it was all clearly some bizarre, freak accident- it was still a lot of fun, UNTIL... I noticed someone called it "insightful" and "important." Isn't that nice? Yes, yes it is. Very nice. But, here's what happened inside poor Chelle's tiny brain when I read that: "Oh, frap. I've never said anything insightful and important in my life. People are going to start coming here expecting insightful and important from me, and all they will get is laundry talk, and grocery store rants. They will be disappointed. I have to figure out how to be funny, witty, smart... And overnight. I can't. I can't. These new visitors will never come back. Never, ever, EVER. I can't take it. The pressure. It's... why, it's... it's just too much, I tell ya!!" (Tears fall and... end scene.)

Have I ever mentioned that the inside of poor Chelle's tiny brain is not a very fun place to be sometimes? That chick is nuts.

My crazy-lady fears were confirmed as I scrolled down the page and started reading the comments about my post on this other blog. One guy said something like, "...hope there’s more of this to come from her! she’s great..." OH, FRAP! Are you kidding me? More of this to come? Seriously?! Dude, I can almost guarantee you there will not be more of this to come. Not now. Oh frap, oh frap, oh frap...

After my momentary panic, I did come to my senses (relatively speaking). I realized that the worse thing that's going to happen is the hundreds of new visitors will decide I'm not their cup of tea and choose not to return. Oh, well. I will go back to my usual readership of 15-20. And that's fine with me. Considering that this blog was never going to be more than a means to update family and friends on our adoption, I'm amazed that any of you show up here at all and read what I have to say. You guys figured out long ago I'm just an idiot, nowhere near deeply insightful, yet you keep coming back no matter how boring, crazy or scattered my thoughts seem to be. What more could a girl ask for?


LaLa said... are soooo popular. Well, I already knew you were crazy and I am in the original 15-20 so I think I will stick around to see what comes next. Don't sell yourself short though ~ you have writing talent and I would love to see more of this! Come on..pressure, pressure LOL

Tami said...

You are always insightful and have important things to say! Now I'm sorry I missed that Yahoo post! I wonder what I'm missing! ;)

Anne & Grant said...

I'm just gonna say 'I told you so' and leave it at that. ;)

Jenn said...

Hi Michelle - I'm one who copied the post to my blog (sorry I gave credit to Danielle... I changed it :0)). Personally the yahoo post gave me great joy because I think that it's easy to feel alone in this adoption thing. In truth there are a bazillion of us "regular" people out there who just want to get our children and get on with it. We're just not that vocal, so it seems like we're in the minority and it's the crazies who are running things. Your post reminds us that we're not alone. So thanks!!