Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the Winner of the $10.00 is...

WILLIAM! Each person who donated and left a comment on the Valentine's Day Challenge post offered to give the ten dollars to William's adoption fund. You guys are all so generous and sweet, and I appreciate each one of your donations. I also received several comments by email and one or two on the groups. Thanks to all of you for helping me in this! Even though none of you wanted the money, we decided to draw a name anyway. The "winner" was: Shae (comment #10). So, Jen~ the next donation coming from my email address for $10.00 is a gift from Shae. Thank you, Shae! Thank you, everyone!

I hope everyone keeps on giving as God provides opportunity to do so! Even if you've given all you can, please remember to continually lift this little boy up in prayer. Prayer is free and waaaay more effective than cash! William's family is more than one third of the way there. I'll be so thrilled the day I see they have the whole $15.000.00, and even more thrilled the day Jen posts a picture of little William in her arms! Blessings to all!

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