Thursday, November 8, 2007

A "Heads Up" to parents on what "The Golden Compass" is really all about

Have you heard any of this stuff swirling around the internet regarding "The Golden Compass?" It's a "family" movie starring Nicole Kidman, coming out in December. One of those fantasy type things that kids love, along the lines of "Chronicles of Narnia... Or so you would think. It's NOT going to be like Chronicles in any way. There's an email going around cautioning that the film is anti-Christian. I'm very leery of most email forwards and always like to check them out, myself. In this case, the forward seems to be pretty accurate, sadly. Any Christian parent needs to be informed about this film before taking their little ones to see it. We definitely won't be going to see it. I wanted to provide the links for you, so that you can also see for yourself.

Here's what says about it:
And this is backed up by Truth or

I hope these links work. Let me know if they don't.

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Miles' Mama said...

Thanks, Michelle. We will definitely avoid that one when it comes out!