Friday, November 2, 2007

Adorable Video

A lot of exciting things are happening in the blog world, guys. In the midst of the new changes with the I600 and all the worries, hassles, and delays it's created, and all of our collective troubles with dossiers, agencies, referrals, etc., etc... There are families being born! A couple of bloggers I follow are in VN right now picking up their children. Go check out Jeff and Nancy's blog to see their precious new baby girl. Make sure you look at the "Car Ride" video in the top left corner! Her sweet little smile and the interaction with her new mommy will make your day. Too cute! Also, Sue and Gary's blog shows pictures with their beautiful new daughter, Sara. They're still waiting for their G&R- I hope it happens for them soon. For those of us waiting, I think it feels like a burst of fresh hope to get to see these families' long-awaited dreams coming true.
(I've been told there are waiting PAPs who take offense at being made to listen to the good news of others. I've heard of people receiving nasty, hurtful emails after sharing their news of a referral or travel date online. I don't understand this. I really don't. I guess these people feel the pain of their own troubles and waiting is so great, they shouldn't have to hear about other families' waits coming to an end? It's like having their noses rubbed in it, I guess? I don't know. If things are going badly for one person, should they go badly for everyone to make it more fair? I definitely understand that when your heart is breaking, it IS hard to hear about everyone else's good fortune, but sending out hateful emails- trying to make someone feel guilty for their happiness? Come on! Should people with good news to share really have to stifle it just because there will be others who don't have good news? To me, I think it's selfish to be so focused on one's own sorrows that you can't sincerely share in the joys of others. Isn't that what children do- focus only on how the world revolves around them? As soon-to-be parents, shouldn't we try to overcome our own childish ways? Anyway, I won't open that can of worms or get sidetracked with one of my rants- I'll just say I think seeing and hearing these happy stories is good for all of us. Instead of viewing it as a painful reminder of what I don't have, I choose to view it as a glimpse of what's in store for me. We get to take a moment to stop thinking about ourselves and share in the joy of seeing someone become a family! How awesome is that?)

I'm grateful that these families have chosen to allow us into these personal moments and let us share in their happiness! Thank you! I'm thrilled for you guys and hope you'll be back home soon with your little ones. Congratulations, and blessings to you! And to those of us stuck in limbo, waiting- Our turns are coming. Hang in there!


S. said...

What???? That is just crazy! I LOVE seeing other people get good news--it gives me hope that we will be there soon, and of course the babies are beautiful. That is just completely bizarre.

Leslie & Shaune said...

wow. that is surprising that people would react that way to good news. i say we need to see the good news and the happiness to show us the wait is always bearable b/c it is so worth it.

thanks for the links, i enjoyed reading their stories.

Michelle said...

I'm with you guys- glad you agree. Hopefully most people DO see it that way, and those who don't are the exception. I think people can get kind of nasty on some of the groups, which is where I was told this has happened. One mom told me she received an email saying she was " being so insensitive" to those who were still waiting by posting about her referral! Whatever!

Hey, Leslie- I love your little profile picture... That is so cool. You have a beautiful family!