Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Candy Day


Okay, so I'm thinkin'... God obviously wants parents to eat most of their kids' candy from last night, right? Surely He must. It's what any truly responsible parent would do, purely out of love and concern for the children's health and teeth, yes? And this is not to toot my own horn, but I do have that kind of self-sacrificial love for my kids. Without a thought for myself, I will accept the burden of plunging into those bags of candy, and give it everything I've got. I will commit to completing this task, ignoring my own selfish desires to remain on my diet. My overwhelming cravings for plain, dry, tasteless chicken breasts, grapes, yet another salad, and 4 gallons of water will just have to wait one more day... I'm just that kind of mom.

Okay, okay... Before I get a comment from some sweet, maternal type (yes, that would be you, Anne) encouraging me to stick to my guns and not put myself into a sugar coma , I'll admit I'm just kidding. I ate a handful of M&Ms last night and that was it (of course, *handful* is a relative term). In fact, my daughter has already offered me M&Ms this morning, and I politely refused. I'm being a good girl, Anne. How 'bout you?

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Miles' Mama said...

I will admit that Halloween is a bit of a stumbling block on the journey to getting healthy. However, it's not my sweet tooth that seems to be the issue--as usual it's the salty stuff that gets me. Popcorn and french fries rank at the top of my "Favorite Foods" list. I am not going to scold you at all because I, too, am a sinner! ;) I say if you're going to sin, SIN BOLDLY!!! (But then get back on track)