Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thank You!

In yesterday's post, I didn't say "THANK YOU!" to those who have been lifting us up. I remembered to mark it on the prayer list down below, but people don't always scroll down to the bottom of the page and may not see it. So... Thank you so much for your prayers! I know they made a difference and we appreciate each and every one. Now, the REAL wait begins- and it looks as if it's going to be a long one. Our agency is having a hard time getting its foot in the door in VN, so to speak. If you listen much to some of the boards, it seems that things are slowing down across the board in Vietnam as more and more families choose to adopt there, but being with a pioneer program means the wait could be significantly longer. Or not. There's no telling. I'm just thankful we have chosen an agency we really believe is ethical. That is the most important thing. I have no interest in bringing home a baby quickly if it means I'd spend the rest of my life wondering if corruption was involved, so to me peace of mind is more important than a quick referral (now, someone will need to remind me I said that when we're several months down the road, when I'm going nuts waiting for our referral and wanting my baby home, okay?). That's not to say that quick referrals automatically equal corruption... I don't necessarily think they do. But I'm not jumping into that whole debate today! I'm still too busy dancing. Have a good one, Everybody! Blessings!

P.S.- Our next prayer hurdle will be for our dossier to get to VN and get logged in soon- with no more problems or glitches! Thanks!

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