Saturday, October 6, 2007

Prayer List Up and Running... Send In Your Requests

I heard from several through comments and email, who thought the prayer list was a good idea, so I started one. You have to scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of the blog to see it, but it's there. And so far, my own prayer request is the only one on it. That's a shame, people. Don't make me sit on that list all by myself, waiting for someone to join me (it reminds me too much of being in Jr. High School... but that's a topic for another blog, perhaps?). If you have a need that you are praying about, send it in! Give me a name (does not have to be real- just something to call you), and your prayer need, summed up as precisely and specifically as you can. Come on, people! I can think of about 5 of you, right off the top of my fabulously coiffed head, who I'd put on this list today, if I could. Let's start lifting each other up!

(Note to Anne: My room didn't get clean yet. Sorry, Mom. Maybe today. If I have time. I don't think I'm gonna have time. We'll see.)

Have a great weekend, everybody! Blessings to all of you...


Rebecca said...

That is SUCH a wonderful idea!!! I will pray along with you! Thank you so much for doing this!!!

Miles' Mama said...

Ugh. I need some prayers. Actually, my mom needs some prayers. She was in the ER all day today because of chest pains. At age 62 that's nothing to sneeze at, even though she is (otherwise) the healthiest person I know. It seems she is okay, and they have ruled out a heart attack. But some prayers in her direction would be great. Thanks, Michelle. Your prayer list idea has come just in the nick of time.

By the way, you're grounded ;) (for not cleaning your room, that is!)

Dawn said...

Prayer for the arrival of our I-171H soon.

Prayer for some families "stuck" in VN waiting for their visas. USCIS is investigating something and they are being held up.

S. said...

Well I am being selfish and asking for prayers for me--that we get our travel dates soon. I can't go through the next few months jumping every time the phone rings! This is a great idea! Thank you!