Monday, October 29, 2007

My Kid: Once again a happy camper...

Well, I may have spoken too soon when I reported on the big break up. Alex and his girlfriend seem to have patched things up. Teenage romance... Who can keep up? If he's happy, I'm happy, I guess. Why do teenage boys need girlfriends, anyway? Why can't they just wait until they're 35 (and almost grown-up)? It would be so much easier on their bank accounts, their emotional health, and their MOTHERS!

He got his Senior pix taken Saturday, and I went along to put in my 2 cents worth (and if I choose to delude myself into believing my opinions made any difference whatsoever to him, it's nobody's business but my own, thank you. lol) I think we'll get a lot of good pictures, and I'm really excited to get them back.

On the adoption front: I'm really hoping we'll get that final document back today (or at least early this week) from the Sec. of State. We'll see if the mailman is going to be my friend today... I'd love to get our completed dossier sent in to WACAP this week. Wish us luck- No, not LUCK... Wish us blessings!

On the diet front... Aw, geez. Do we have to talk about it? The weekend was not kind to me. There was Date Night, including a movie. Movie popcorn. Extra butter. Movie popcorn must be followed by... M&Ms. It's a rule. My bum is bigger (*bum* is a reference to my backside, not my husband, BTW). Nuff said. Today's a new day. Fresh start. Again.

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Rebecca said...

I am praying with you that the paper comes and your dossier goes ; )