Thursday, October 4, 2007

Document Problem *Might* Be Solved

Good news today, guys... It's looking like the paperwork problem we were having might be taken care of now. Again, I'll spare the details and just hit the highlights... We got a copy of the "new and improved" doc. yesterday, and emailed it to our agency rep. for her review. She said the letter's wording looked OK. She questioned the way the notary language was worded, but said it may not be a problem in our state. So, I forwarded it to the Sec. of State's Office to see if they will verify it or not. I'm feeling more hopeful, but I won't feel completely good about this until I have it back in my hot little hands, verified by the State, and ready to send in to WACAP. Thanks for your prayers. Keep them coming! We appreciate each and every one of them and know they make a big difference.

Speaking of prayer, I've had the idea to start a prayer list on this blog. If you have an issue you would like your friends in Blogville to pray for, send it in and I'll add it to the list. Just try to make it as short and specific as possible, and you don't have to use your complete or real name (no identifying information is necessary- God knows who you are anyway!). I'm doing this because there's many of you that I'm thinking of and praying for, and I hesitate to publicly ask for prayers for you, although I want to. I feel funny about broadcasting your personal situation for others to read, even if I read it first on your blog! It should still be your choice to have it mentioned here. So, if you'd like to be prayed for, let me know. I think this could be an awesome way to make our waiting and our "down times" more productive, by lifting each other up. And the real plus is that praying for someone else's needs is the best way to stop focusing on your own- the best way to end a pity party! I think we could all use that at times, huh? Start sending them in, by email or leave a comment, and I will start a list. I'll leave your request there until I hear from you that it's been resolved. OK? Let's get started...

Back to our current situation... Now that the document problem may soon be resolved, ya wanna know what I have to do next? I have to clean my bedroom (she says, with head in hands, sobbing). What does this have to do with the document problem being resolved (you ask, slightly confused)? Well, we have to submit pictures of our home with our dossier. The other pictures were not a problem. Took those months ago. Now, only my bedroom remains. Well, that and the back yard, but that's another gripe for another day. Cripes. The room in my house that is the dumping ground for all toxic waste from every other room must now be cleaned and I can't find my bio hazard suit, because it's probably under a pile of overflowing, dirty laundry in my room. How and why does my room look so bad? Hmmm... Let me see...

Random kid says, "Mom, where does this go?"

And Mom says, "I don't know right now... Put it on my desk."

Kid says, "Mommy, my stuffed animal is ripped. Can you sew it?"

Mommy says, "Yes. Maybe. Someday. Put it on my dresser."

Kid says, "Cool! I just found a dollar on the floor."

Mom says, "It's MINE. Put it on my dresser."

Wonderful, devoted husband says, "Where did you want me to put this?"

Sweet, loving wife (resisting urge to tell him the truth about exactly where she'd like him to put it) says, "I have no idea. Set it in the bedroom for now and I'll deal with it later."

Well... LATER is here. My dresser is piled with so much stuff right now, that Jimmy Hoffa could be underneath and no one would ever know. Wish me luck. I may need to add this to my new prayer list!


Miles' Mama said...

So glad to hear that your document problem will soon be a thing of the past!

LOVE the prayer idea!!!

Now, go clean your room young lady! (I already sound like a parent, don't I??) ;)


The Nallys said...

Your prayer list via blog idea is wonderful. I love reading your blog, I hope everything works out with your paperwork - I'll make sure to pray for you.

dimeadozen said...

Your blog is a MUST DAILY READ!!!!
Your sense of humor kills me, I think there's an opening on The View since rosie left!!!

Anyway, about your room, it'll either get done or it won't, sometimes (alot of times with a family your size) there are more important things in life than a messy bedroom!

Keep up the great work on the blog, great idea about the prayer list too. Your just full of great ideas.

your husband is a VERY LUCKY man to be able to spend time with such a fun and funny lady.