Monday, October 22, 2007

Prayer List

Hey- Anne, Dawn, S., and Michelle (oh, wait a minute..."Michelle" is me...)! I still have your prayer requests on the list. How are things going? Any updates? I'd love to write "ANSWERED!" next to these requests. Who has a praise report or blessing to share?

And where is everybody else? I know of a few of you who (Is it *who*, or *whom*?... Whom cares? lol) I'm dying to put on the list, I'm just waiting for your permission. Prayer is such a powerful tool!

The only update I can give right now is that we are still waiting to receive our final document. Kind of boring. It's funny because I expected the I-171H would be the document requiring (and testing) our patience. Now, that's been here since August, and we're still waiting over one goofy self-employment letter. But I know God is involved, working quietly, and all will turn out OK in the end. He's been doing some amazing things around here lately. Working in both small and big ways. It's impossible to ignore His presence. It's been very exciting, so I know He's working on our document situation, too.

You know, there are times when I feel like He's nowhere near. I try to connect with Him and it seems like He must be busy with someone in Alaska, or something... Oh, I know He's "here," but sometimes He's so quiet- it's easy to feel like I'm all alone and wonder if He's going to answer me or do something- anything. My prayers feel like they're hitting the ceiling and crashing to the floor, instead of being grabbed and held in His hands. Those "desert" moments can feel so lonely. I know they're an unavoidable and necessary part of a believer's life, things can't stay up, up, up all the time- but unpleasant just the same. Faith can get a little shaky during those times. I know we all experience those.

Then there's times when all of a sudden, He's in my face every time I turn around (almost like one of the kids :D) - showing me, even in some tiny, barely perceivable way, that He's hearing me and that He cares. He's been allowing me to experience one of those times lately. It's been so nice to "feel" Him hanging around all the time. What a faith-builder! I'm hoping He'll be in your face today, too!

Have a blessed Monday, guys!

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Miles' Mama said...

Hey Michelle!
My mom is doing MUCH better now. They put her on Prilosec OTC and is now feeling like herself again. Thank God (literally!). And thank you (all) for your prayers--I truly believe they were heard.