Saturday, November 3, 2007


I've changed things around a little bit (again). I'm not one to stick with the same old thing for long. Sorry. I'm a pink kind of girl. Let me know what you think, unless you hate it, then keep it to yourself- lol!

I'll be 41 flippin' years old tomorrow... 41. Yikes. I'm officially "In My Forties" (an expression I suddenly do not care for, BTW).

In honor of this momentous occasion, here are 41 things I recall about my childhood:

1. Marathon Bars (best candy bars ever made)
2. Walking down to the 7/11 for Slurpees and candy cigarettes by myself, and riding my bike all over the neighborhood, because fear of child abductions wasn't a big thing yet.
3. My Mrs. Beasley doll
4. The Waltons (Goodnight, John Boy!)
5. Herbie movies
6. Abba (...dig it, the dancing queen... oh yeah!)
7. Mork from Ork and his rainbow suspenders (yes, I had some)
8. Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman
9. Wonder Woman
10. My dad's Volkswagon Beetle, and Ford Pinto
11. Rotary phones (And having the phone company come out to install the phone!)
12. Our first remote control
13. The Hardy Boys (Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson... dreamy)
14. Nancy Drew
15. Our first microwave oven
16. Orange carpeting and drapes
17. NO cell phones. NONE. No personal computers, either. Not even at school.
18. Smells... The smell of Autumn, playing outside and jumping in the leaves, the smell of new school supplies on the first day of school, the smell of my dad getting ready for work.
19. Making snowmen, and snow ice cream
20. "Lilt" home perms (given to me by my mom)
21. Jaws (that head popping out was soooo scary)
22. KC and the Sunshine Band (he was sooo cute!)
23. Dorothy Hamill (and her haircut... which I had and I looked awesome)
24. Carrying a huge comb or afro pick in your back pocket at all times, whether or not you actually had an afro.
25. Vietnam (as in the war, not adoption)
26. Bellbottoms (the originals)
27. High-waisted jeans
28. Feathered hair (just like Farrah's, which I also had and looked awesome)
29. Movie tickets were 75 cents.
30. My first kiss in 3rd grade with Jeffrey Price. I was supposed to kiss him at recess. I was scared. He got tired of waiting and started to run off, so the kiss barely grazed the top of his ear. Very romantic.
31. The first time Nike tennis shoes became a fad. They were white with your choice of a royal blue or red swoosh.
32. Friday nights at the roller rink
33. Saturday Night Fever
34. The Bee Gees (and their little brother Andy Gibb... Oh my gosh- how cute was that guy? I was seriously in love. He was my first concert)
35. Saturday Night Live (back when it was funny)
36. Richard Nixon and Watergate (I didn't get what was going on)
37. Seemingly frequent news clips of Gerald Ford falling down
38. The Village People (YMCA... I did not know they were gay... Seriously)
39. Climbing trees and pretending to be "Swiss Family Robinson"
40. The birth of MTV, in my teens. They played music back then (the same videos over and over, in fact)
41. I recall my mother's 40th birthday quite clearly. I was scared she'd die soon, because 40 was old... Doesn't seem so old now.


Rebecca said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are so VERY young! by the way I do like the way your blog looks ;0)

Alice said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!