Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spotlight on Lavender... Time for knees to hit the floor

I hope you'll forgive me for being repetitive, but I wanted to pull an item off the prayer list and make sure this little girl gets the attention and prayer she deserves. Lavender, of Sweet and Sour Chicken fame, is scheduled to start pre-op procedures for her cleft repair in just a couple days (the 28th). I believe her first surgery is still slated to begin on Dec. 6. I've asked her mom for permission to request your prayers on her behalf. If you don't know this family's story, go over and take a look. Make sure to go back to the beginning to hear Sabrina's difficult journey in bringing Lavender home. And while you're there, scroll down to the post titled "Wonderful Support" from Sept. 21st, to see and hear Lavender talking to her mommy and saying her ABC's (or skip directly to it here). She will steal your heart! Once you see her, there's no way you'll forget to pray for her. I know I have some faithful, praying people reading this, so I'm counting on you. Let's lift her and her family up!

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