Friday, June 1, 2007

Acrobats of China

Today is Children's Day in China. The Acrobats of China at the New Shanghai Theater, in Branson, MO, held a special event today for families with children adopted from China. It was a full day with the acrobats, beginning at 10 this moring and ending with a special performance by the acrobats until 5 this evening. The day was filled with play time at a local park and games with the acrobats, a Chinese lunch served at the theater, presentations by a local FCC chapter, and finally the acrobats show.

It was so good for Brianna to see so many Asian children all together in one place- something she hasn't seen before (not since she lived in China, anyway). I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all- in a good way. I kept watching her watch the other kids. She was really taking it all in! One highlight of her afternoon was getting to go up on stage and participate in a ribbon dance and a dragon dance.

My Daughter, The Ribbon "Dancer" (??)

One of the acrobats picked her up and held her for a group picture at the end of the afternoon and she was on cloud nine!

This was the first year for this event, and they said they want to do it every year. I would HIGHLY recommend going, if you're close enough. Even if you haven't adopted from China, go see their regular show, if you're able. The things they can do are just amazing! It really is a great show.

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