Friday, June 15, 2007

Feeling Icky...

I'm having one of those down days. No reason for it, I guess- not a good reason, anyway. I think I've just been placing so much importance on getting the homestudy finished- thinking that's the key to getting this show on the road. But, I know there's still so much waiting ahead of us. The homestudy is just one tiny step forward. If we're going to start applying for adoption loans, as DH is adamant about doing, then that's another holdup before proceeding with our agency and getting our dossier sent over. The 171H could be another significant wait, too. I know from experience that this feeling will pass, and tomorrow I'll get my 2nd (or 222nd is more like it) wind and feel ready to keep going. With our first adoption, as with this one, I waited for several years for D. to be ready to start. Then the actual adoption wait was 23 months from start to finish, so this isn't a new game for me. Our documents were in China for 13 of those months, before finally getting our referral- then another month of waiting to travel. So, what's wrong with me? I should be able to handle this like an old pro instead of a spoiled child, right? Uh-uh... I want my baby TODAY! Is that too much to ask?

On the bright side, the water levels here have gone down considerably. We've had a couple of much-needed dry days, in spite of forecasts calling for more storms (prayer WORKS!), which has made a huge difference. Thank God it didn't get as bad as it could have! I guess I need to transfer my faith for weather miracles over to the adoption area and quit my moping.

Before I shutup for the day, I want to wish the dads a Happy Father's Day! Hope you have a blessed weekend. We're taking D. to a baseball game tomorrow, and the kids have a few gifts to give him on Sunday (almost entirely football related, or course!). If your a waiting dad, may this be the last Father's Day you have to spend waiting for your little one!

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Heather said...

I can appreciate your down days... they come about every 9-10 days for me. I find... oddly... that painting my toes helps... find that little something that makes you smile. Also, no matter how many times you adopt... the excruciation of waiting is brand new every time. I guess if we look at bio pregnancies, the same idea applies. Women get sick for months, get huge, carry around all the extra weight, go through labor... and a year or so later want to do it all again... We file paperwork and wait... have intensive and intrusive homestudies and then wait... fill out more paperwork and wait... and wait... and cry... and travel... sometimes around the world.... and fall in love. Would we do it again... I don't know, I am on the first wait. But probably. My thoughts are with you.