Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Deep Thoughts?

I'm not one of those daily bloggers. I'm also not the type that can make the most mundane details of my life sound witty and fascinating. As I've already warned, I'm just not blessed with a talent for writing the way some bloggers are. I'm more of a "stick to the facts" kind of blogger. I think it's partly a self-image issue... I can't imagine anyone being interested in anything I would say, so I try to stick to pertinent information only. The problem is that by sticking only to the facts I'm making my blog entries BORING, which is what I'm worried about doing in the first place. As any other SAHM knows, our lives are far from boring, but also sometimes less than interesting at the same time (or at least we feel that way). We are constantly busy, but by the end of the day we feel we have very little of importance to discuss. Our lives revolve around the things most important to US- our families. Our conversations usually have less to do with what's going on in the West Bank and more to do with who stuck what up his nose and how we finally got it out. I'm certainly not complaining- I have an amazing DH, great kids... I love my life, and I wouldn't swap it for anything. I'm just saying... Deep thoughts and intellectual stimulation are certainly NOT going to come from any of these entries, unless it happens by accident!

On that note- Who wants to hear about our exciting remodeling project? That's what I thought. I'm going to tell you anyway. We now have cabinets and countertops in the new kitchen (big, big YEAH!).

Although it doesn't look like it in this photo, we are very close to being done. This is good for several reasons. One: I was about to the point of killing my poor husband. Two: Once the new kitchen is done, we can begin tearing out the old kitchen and turning it into a bedroom for Tucker and the new baby. Alex will finally have what is the Holy Grail to every teenager- his own room. Three: We'll also be adding a bathroom for the kids, which is long overdue, and more storage space (my eyes are welling up with tears of joy just typing the words "storage space"), which is even more overdue. I'm getting so excited. You have no idea how long this project has taken... NO IDEA, I tell ya. I'm married to a contractor (nuff said). I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that it's really going to get finished. Darrell is doing a beautiful job and the poor man is working himself to death, but it's better than the death I had planned for him if this project would have been dragged out much longer!

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Christina said...

Your husband does beautiful work - you can tell quality when you see it.

Thanks for commenting on my blog today... I love to hear from new people and find new blogs in the process!

BTW... we considered WACAP for a Thai adoption (but we had too many kids) - I have a lot of respect for them. Hope you have a great adoption experience with them.