Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sick again

Oh my gosh, we've been hit with another wave of germs here. What is going on with the cold and flu season this year? It's ridiculous. I haven't been sick this much since I was pregnant. Darrell and I both have horrible colds that refuse to die. I sound like Burgess Meredith. Are you guys old enough to know who he is? It just means my voice is probably on its way out. Alex and Evan are just getting over the flu. It looks like Tuck and Bri may be next in line for colds (please, God, no). Livie seems okay, and as usual Mike isn't sick, but finds reasons to be angry and complain anyway.

All of this means that, once again, I am waaaaaay behind on my life. If you could see my house, you would think thieves ravaged the place looking for diamonds, or something. And they left their snotty kleenexes everywhere. Rude thieves. But no. It's just the destruction caused by 8 people who don't give a flip about anything but their own bothersome, germ-filled bodily fluids.

I desperately want to spend the day cleaning. Really I do. Desperately. But I haven't been keeping up with my blogs. You know I gotta find out what you guys are up to. I miss you goofy people. There are big stories to be read. Lives are being lived out there and I just simply must know what's going on. I won't have time to do both. Obviously. Can't spend a day on the computer reading and cleaning disgusting germ-covered toilets at the same time. Hmmmm. What to do, what to do?

Enough about that. I have a tiny bit of positive adoption news. Turns out our FBI fingerprints were not lost. They were sent to our agency and our coordinator didn't know they were there (she isn't in the main office where the mail goes). Once she got them, she sent them to us, so that's done. And our completed homestudy is now in the mail, on it's way to us, so I can mail it to USCIS. These were the last two things we were waiting on, so YIPPEE! Our dossier will soon be ready to send in to the agency!!

I got to hold a teeny tiny baby in church last Sunday and could hardly stand it- she was so precious. I'm ready! I want my baby! No more waiting!

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Laura L. said...

I'm sorry to hear about the germs and illness at your house. I really am.
Our little one was sick this week with fever and there was NO leaving the house. I thought I would go stir crazy.
At least we only had one ill person. Sounds like you really had your hands full.
I can really understand how the messy house can drive you crazy too. It's hard to see it in a mess and not feel well enough to clean.

I hope everyone is feeling so much better soon!!