Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

this is supposed to be an adoption blog, isn't it? So how about an adoption update?





Get the idea?

There's no update, is basically what I would be conveying here.

I guess I could update you on why I don't have an adoption update, but I'm probably going to get my bloomers twisted over it and get madder and madder as I talk. If that doesn't turn you off, here's the deal:

We still don't have our dossier completed, so we are going NOWHERE. The dossier's not done because the homestudy is not done. That's the big hold-up. No homestudy. Ask me why we still don't have our homestudy done, when our interviews and most of our reference letters were completed back in November- go ahead, ask me...

Thank you for asking. We had one major delay that I will not discuss because it was all my husband's fault, and if I think about it too much, I'll get so mad that I'll be tempted to put his hand in warm water next time he's sleeping. Or shave half his head. Or both. I haven't decided yet. After the delay caused by the procrastinating hub, we had to wait on the tax people who write our self-employment verification letters needed by the social worker to be able to finish the homestudy. Approval was required from the corporate office, or some such load of frap. But, basically- the WHOLE THING IS STILL THE HUB'S FAULT, in case I hadn't made that clear. God love him. He's precious. Just precious. Wonderful man.

"But, Michelle," you say. "This all sounds oddly familiar... Isn't this the same scenario that delayed your Vietnam dossier?"

Why, yes. Yes, it was. How sweet of you to remember. The funny thing is we have changed tax people, but still had a delay in getting the letter. Gosh- life is funny, ain't it?

We finally got the employment letter mailed to our social worker and did a little happy dance that now, finally, our homestudy would get finished and our dossier would be ready to turn in to our agency.

Hahahahahaaahhh. How crazy of you to think it would go that smoothly.

Our social worker emailed me to let me know she was still waiting for one of our references. I contacted the reference, who said it would get mailed out soon. Good. It's all taken care of. We're making some headway.


The social worker just emailed today to say she still hasn't received the reference letter. We have to ask someone else now.

See that little ticker thingy up at the top of my blog, saying it's been 21 months since we originally planned to adopt again?

Haahahahahaaaahahah. I'm fairly certain twenty-one months is, like, almost two years. Did you know that?


I'm mildly irritated but I will remain calm. This is just a small glitch. I will simply take a deep breath and remind myself that good, Christian women are not supposed to invent new creative cuss word combos or challenge themselves to come up with filthy words starting with each letter of the alphabet. Godly women do not run wildly down the middle of the street shouting, "What time do the bars open around here?"

Truthfully, I keep reminding myself that this adoption will not happen one second sooner or later than God has planned. I truly believe that. If God has a specific baby in mind for us (and I believe He does), then the timing has to be just right. He will use all of this to work for our good, I'm sure- and I'll look back on this frustration someday and see how it all worked out just exactly as it should have. So, there's no need to start spewing the cuss words (at least not out loud).

I've thought up some pretty interesting cuss word combos though... I'm kinda proud of myself, really- but I'll keep them to myself.


Rebecca said...

Ya know----I think we should sit down with a cup of tea together (boy do I wish that I lived closer!!). Then we could talk about how adoption is so much harder then it looks! Instead I give you a big {{{HUG}}} and say that one day we will be rejoicing together!

Christina Hubbard said...

Praying you are able to get it all together very soon. Laughing with you about the cuss word combos! TOO FUNNY!! We hit the 2 yr mark this month and are still waiting!! But I do agree God has them all picked out for us and we must wait on His perfect time. Even though I don't want to wait another minute!!! :)

Tina, KCMO

Chandra said...

Sorry you're having such frustrating delays. Even though you know the timing has to be right to bring you to the right child, that doesn't make the delays less frustrating! Hoping to hear things go smoothly from here on out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand your frustration, but I am so glad you can still make the rest of us laugh. Nothing made me want to take up drinking like the adoption process. Well, maybe the year my brother got divorced and my grandfather was dying . . . yeah, that all made me want to take up drinking, too . . . but anyway, the whole running down the street yelling about the bars thing just made me laugh! (You have hear Brad Paisley's song "Alcohol" right?)

Tracy said...

Wow, I can understand you frustration. I love the way you wrote about it! Too funny! It sounds like me!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that paperwork gathering! Seriously thought I was going to go crazy during that part. Hope your new reference writes very fast and your homestudy is complete ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so sorry it's moving slower than molasses. I had one of those stalled reference letters - it made me nuts. My friend finally agreed to just fax it over and spare herself the difficulty of getting it into the mailbox. Is that an option? And so sorry about hubby. I vote for warm water :P

Anonymous said...

I sort of threatened my reference people that I would hunt them down if they didn't get the letter done in like a week. Luckily, those people are close friends (which is why they were doing the letters) and knew either a)they could be a roadblock between me and my son and didn't want that guilt or b)I have a black belt and really would hunt them down! Hey, whatever works, right?
I don't know if I was supposed to actually get a visual of you running down the street shouting about bars opening, but it did give me a great laugh!
Hang in there!!

dwayne and melanie said...

Those bows look oddly familiar!!
I am sorry things are moving slow. We will pray for fast, fast, fast, when you homestudy finally gets done. We are running into some problems with ours too!!!