Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time to post... something

Although I have nothing of value to say, I guess I'd better say something. I'm being told by certain people that they worry when I haven't posted in a while. They wonder if I'm sick or in jail.

I've been a bad blogger again. Sorry. But I really haven't had anything to say, or any time to say it. Everything and nothing is going on around here. I guess I'll just fill a post with useless, random tidbits. Then at least certain people will know I'm still alive.

I assume we all watched the same thing on tv last Tuesday, right? The all-day "House" marathon on USA? YES! HOUSE! I kid. You know me with the kidding. I though it was important for the kids to see the worship service coronation obamination inauguration for the historical significance and educational value- so I put on my big girl panties and watched like everyone else, although I couldn't keep from vomiting in my mouth just a tiny bit.

Talking about B.O.- oh, excuse me- that's Pres. B.O. now- always reminds me of Alex's dog, because of that one post a couple weeks ago where I was talking about the dog and said he was evil, and that girl got mad at me for linking the word evil to His Holiness and not being reverent enough. Remember that? Yeah, good times. Good, good times.

So anyway, I'll talk about the dog now. Alex's new puppy, JD, is growing like crazy. I need to take a new picture of him and post it. Sometimes he looks bigger from one day to the next. He's big enough now to get up on my couch by himself. AND he is still peeing in my house. I do not appreciate this. If he pees while he's up on my couch, that will be very, very bad for the Jay Dizzle. He started Puppy Kindergarten (yes, that really is what it's called) a few weeks ago and is learning to sit and stay and all that business (for scant moments at a time), but he's still a little spaz. I'm pretty sure he's on the crack. Do they make ADHD meds for dogs?

On the adoption front: We're still waiting... The homestudy is being reviewed by the agency, so I haven't been able to send it to USCIS yet. Our current I171-H expires Feb. 2nd. I've already requested the extension, so I don't know if the homestudy has to be submitted before the 2nd or not. We're also still waiting for our FBI background checks. They should have come by now and I'm getting worried. I can't find a phone number or valid email address to contact them and check on anything. Very frustrating.

BUT... To help myself stay sane and happy as I wait, I bough a crib! I saw it on sale online, so we bought it. It should be here any day and I'm so excited. This is it:
I saw it in a store and loved it- it seemed really rock solid- but it was way beyond what we wanted to spend. I was thrilled when I saw it on sale. It was still more than we'd hoped to spend on a crib, but the peace of mind in knowing that it's sturdy and safe is worth it to me, and apparently- every single baby item on earth is more expensive than we'd hoped. Why didn't any of you people tell me that babies and their belongings are incredibly expensive? Every single baby item I see is One Milllllion Dollars (said in my best Dr. Evil voice). Now, we just need... let me think... Oh, yeah- Everything else! Ha! We seriously, honestly have nothing for this baby! Can you believe it? A family with nine children has no baby crap in the house! We have to buy everything from the biggest piece of furniture down to the tiniest pair of socks. HAHAHAHAHAAAA! Cripes. That's really not all that funny, now that I think about it.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are alive and well! Even when you think you have nothing to say, you say it so well.

Laura L. said...

Beautiful crib!
I know, so much baby stuff to buy. When we were waiting for Jadyn and I felt like I couldn't spend tons of money on all of that baby stuff, I did get quite a few things (basic type stuff) second hand. I shopped garage sales and consignment.
Friends blessed us with lots of hand-me-down clothing and then there were baby gifts.

Yes, wasn't all of the ObamaFest stuff fun? Loved how you "put on your big girl panties" and watched.

Tracy said...

Glad your o.k. I felt the same way about Tuesdays event and would have rather watched House too. Great crib!

Rebecca said...

I could not watch--no matter how hard I tried I just could not!

I love the crib!!!! I think we should throw you a online baby shower--hummmm something to think about!

Anonymous said...

I went to Target during The Big Event. Figured they'd replay it a zillion times on the news anyways. (and they have!) It was a great time to go shopping, the parking lot was empty!! Oh and guess what? More people watched Reagan's Inaugeration! So there! :-)