Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's like Luke and Laura withdrawal all over again

Remember back when you were in junior high and high school and you would spend the summers lazily baking in the sun (covered with oil, reeking of coconuts, with the lemon juice in your hair, pretending you didn't see your mom's note to "pick up your room and do some ironing") right up until it was time to come inside and watch "General Hospital," because you were a spoiled brat and you didn't have a job or do anything of importance all day long (besides the baking and the GH watching, I mean)?

Remember how attached you got to all the characters and goofy story lines on the show? Luke and Laura

(I hated that stupid headdress/veil thingy but, man, her teeth were freakishly white), Scottie, the Quartermaines... Bobbie and Dr. Noah Drake... hmm, hmm, hmm... Rick Springfield was such a fox. Later, there was Blackie Parrish- before he was Uncle Jesse, Rebecca Romijn's hub, or Dr. Tony Gates, Frisco Jones, Greg and Jenny... No, wait- that was "All My Children-" another must-see show at the time.

Anyway, remember how horrible it was to go back to school each fall and leave GH life behind? How foreign it felt to be sitting in Science listening to Mr. Wilson (who kicked the trash can like a psycho when he got angry), when your heart, mind, and soul wanted to be back in Port Charles with Luke and Laura?

You remember that, right? It's not just me, is it?

Huh? Is it, guys?

Oh, I see... Maybe it is.

Well, anyway- that's exactly how I've been feeling again lately. In an effort to become more organized and manage my time better, I've forced myself to to through my Reader folders and unsubscribe to some of the 65 blogs I was following. My goal was to cut it down to 10-15 blogs. I'm down to 29. I cannot possibly part with one more blog. I can't do it, I tell ya. I'm missing out on everything. I don't know what's going on in some of your lives now. It's worse than GH withdrawal. Much, much worse.


Anonymous said...

Oh girl....I sure do know this feeling exactly! I have folders in my blog reader that I have literally not opened in months and months yet I refuse to open them and unsub!!!

29 is very impressive! Mr Wilson would be happy :)

Anonymous said...

As long as I'm not a blog you axed, I'm ok with it!:)

Michelle said...

lol- don't worry, Char. You made the cut. HA!

Anonymous said...

Oh I know the feeling! Both feelings actually... I was just feeling nostalgic for AMC today. I quit watching just a few years ago because the writing got so pathetically bad and I needed that hour back. But I miss the escapism. Guess I've just replaced it with blogs, huh?

Anonymous said...

My mom never let me watch soaps! It's okay, though. I made up for it in college. This post cracked me up, though. I actully re-subscribed to some blogs I had unsubscribed because, geesh, it's just too hard. Of course, I'm terribly impressed that you have it down to 29. I won't even say how many I'm "down" to.

Heidi said...

I did the same thing, only I couldn't bring myself to unsubscribe, but I did make a folder in bloglines of my fave craft and adoption blogs and I still can't even keep up with those (I narrowed it to about 20 some from my HUNDREDS!) No worries if you unsubscribed to mine: I don't have time to blog anymore either!

sassy chic said...

Chelle, I do remember those soaps and those feelings, however I didn't have Mr. Wilson, which brings me to this question...how do you remember your teacher's names for so many many years? I will understand if my blog was cut, just don't tell me! Love you, E~

Michelle said...

Darlin', I've got a mind like a steel trap. Now, what was your name again?

Anonymous said...

Frap. I just left a comment and then lost it. Only I'm not sure it's REALLY lost, so maybe I'll end up commenting twice, saying virtually the same thing and looking like an idiot. Frap.

Anyway, I think I said something like, "I hope I made the cut!"

Then I said something about how I need to cut down too because I had 450 items in my feed reader after having sick kiddos. (I elaborated that Noah and Zoe just had runny noses, but poor Colin had his first ever ear infection). Then I told you how 150 of those 450 didn't really count because they were from Perez Hilton and didn't have to worry about hitting "delete all" because I knew the world would not end if I somehow missed what Britney Spears has for breakfast (or maybe I said lunch - darn kids messed up that whole short term memory thing for me).

Then I told you that I would be interested in seeing your list if you were willing to share, because maybe it would help me cut my own list down (though probably I would just end up subscribing to a bunch of new blogs).

Then I said that if you sent me a list of 30 blogs, I would know that you added mine back in just to make me feel better.

There. That's pretty much a re-cap of my first comment. I'm sure you are relieved that you didn't miss out on those little words of wisdom!

Heather said...

Hey Michelle, I loved this post. I have been watching GH for 20 years now. Crazy. I understand about having to trim the blogroll. However, we do finally have news and started a new blog... http://lateansweredprayers.blogspot.com/

Some big news and I wanted to share with you, because you have always given me great support and great advice.

Thanks, Heather

PS.... God has a sense of humor. And he likes joking with me... read my first post and you will understand.

Mom To Six said...

Oh my gosh, Michelle! Are you sure you weren't ME? I swear I did everything you described, down to the lemon juice...sometimes with some mayo thrown in. I cracked up during your entire post.

Too funny!!! Thanks for the memories. And oh...please don't give up on my blog. :)


Mom To Six said...

By the way, did I mention how much I cried over Scottie and Laura back then? Yikes! Scary!