Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goals for 2009

New Year

Here's my list of resolutions goals for the coming year. What are yours?

1. Get my weight under control (to me, this means losing 70-80 lbs.), preferrably by my 43rd birthday, and establish healthy healthier eating habits for my family.

2. Always... No, that's not it... Never... No. I forget. Skip it.

3. Get my home and family organized ONCE AND FOR ALL.

4. Always carry a litter bag in my car.

5. Finish that little Tolstoy novel I've had sitting around here forever and a day. Let's see... What's it called? Seems there's something about war... and peace. Lots of Russians... I forget.

6. Attempt to treat the people in my home as if I actually like them on a semi-daily basis.

7. I can't think of another one. I was going for ten. Ten is a nice, round number. I don't have ten things.

8. OOOH- but I have eight!!!! I thought of another one: Get our finances under control.

9. AND NINE!!! I have nine! How could I forget to mention completing our adoption? That should have been at the top. Let's pretend like this one was up at Number One and my weight was Number Nine.

10. Crap. I don't have ten. Almost, though.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh - I like!!! I am going to steal some from you because I like so much! I particularly like the liter bag in the car. Boy do I need to make that a goal!!! I think i'll post mine today on my blog. I already did sort of post a few last week but I will aim for 10 too. That way hopefully at least one will be accomplished in 2009 :P

Tami said...

Great list! :) I especially like number nine...or was it number one?! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I think if I set more than three goals I'll feel overwhelmed, so I'm impressed with your 9, or 8, or however many that was.