Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Confessions

Okay, guys- now that we have another Christmas behind us (ours was wonderful, btw- hope yours was, too), it's time to play "Christmas Confessions." I want to hear what the absolute, all-time, Worst Gift was that you ever received. I'm thinking of mine right now, but- since I'm not sure whether or not the giver will read this post and I would never want to hurt his/her feelings- I'd better not tell you. But you can tell me yours! Come on- your crazy Aunt Sally won't read my blog, so go ahead and tell us all about it.

You can also share your Best Gift, Strangest Gift, Silliest Gift, etc.- whatever you want. Heck, create your own category if you need to, just spill it.

I do have a story that would fall into the "Strangest Gift" category that I can share...

It was the first Christmas I'd spent with my birth mother after meeting her, and I had no idea what to get her. We hadn't known each other very long at all. What do you get for the person who spurted you into the world, yet is still basically a stranger to you? The budget was tight, too- which only made choosing the perfect gift harder.

I ended up taking the safe and practical route and chose a nightshirt for her. I figured most birth moms probably wear something to bed, right? So, there you go. It was a dark, pretty shade of emerald green, with a few little flowers embroidered on it.

When we got to her house, I was nervous and second-guessing the gift I'd picked. I should have chosen something... better. She's going to hate it. What a dumb gift. Oh well, it was too late. I figured- once I get to know her better, I'll be able to choose something more suited to her tastes next year.

We started opening gifts, and a box was tossed my way. I was a little distracted by helping the kids open their gifts and watching all the activity, so I didn't even take time to read the tag on the package before I started opening it. Once I had the box open on my lap, I took a look inside, and I...

Was mortified.

Under the tissue paper, staring back at me, was the dark green nightshirt. One of the kids must have accidentally handed me a gift that was FROM me, instead of TO me, and without paying attention, I just tore into it and opened it. I was so embarrassed. I looked over at my birth mom to explain I had mistakenly just opened the gift I'd brought for her (what a dufus. Way to make a good impression, there, Michelle!) but she was sitting there...

Holding up a dark green nightshirt.

I was confused at first. I even looked down quickly to read the tag on the paper from my package and it said "To: Michelle, From: Barb." It took me a sec to realize what had happened.

We had gotten each other the exact same gift. Same color, same little embroidered flowers, same everything.

I waited for Rod Serling to pop out from behind the couch, but he didn't.

Strange, huh?

Now, let's hear your stories!


Rebecca said...

Well mine was the first Christmas that Oliver and I were dating (19 year ago--Oliver made me add that part). I (as some of you know) am a respiratory therapist and we really do not need to spell well. We use medical shorthand. So when I wrote him a letter he would in turn circle all the selling mistakes(sometimes giving it back to me to fix--I know what a gem!). SO for our fist christmas together he gave me a "check spelling" stamp--he thought this work better the his circles. Believe it or not we ended up getting married 10 months later! said...

Wow, what a totally crazy story!!!

The weirdest gift I ever got was from my grandmother when I was a teen. She rummaged through her closet and picked out a pair of black stirrup pants (remember those?) that she had used A LOT and no longer wanted but were WAY too small for me. I was much taller than her and they were a good 6 inches too short to even pull on. I remember that my always-polite self had a REALLY hard time stifling incredulous rudeness at the used, too small out of style stirrup pants gift :) I do vividly remember her scolding me on "the thought that counts" and me not wanting to point out it was the LACK of thought that offended me!

myminivanrocks said...

Wow! That's quite a story. It gave me chills. What are the odds?

My worst Christmas gift? In college I had three consecutive Christmas break-ups, with three different boyfriends. I even got back together with one guy in January and then he broke up with me again - ON VALENTINE'S DAY.

Maybe I should think of those as my best Christmas gifts. I mean, who wants to be with a jerk who breaks up with you on Christmas (and again on Valentine's Day). And, if I had stayed with any of them, I wouldn't be with my hubby now!

mrsbroccoliguy said...

Okay that is just downright freaky! Talk about having a connection.

I'm drawing a blank on the worst gifts... maybe they were so bad I blocked them all out?

Jeff said...

That's a cool story. I can't imagine you both getting the exact same gift for each other.

My best Christmas gift ever was a Shar-pei puppy. It was the coolest dog ever for about 12 weeks. Then after it almost bit my mom's hand off, we had to get rid of it.