Monday, December 15, 2008


Yesterday was a gorgeous day. A little overcast but the temperature set a record high. It was 71 degrees and I was out Christmas shopping in just a t-shirt (I did have pants on, too). Alex went golfing in shorts. And then...


It started to sprinkle. Then it got chilly. Then it got *&%$#! cold. Once the temp. started dropping, the rain turned to sleet. Darrell and I went out yesterday afternoon with the intention of stocking up on groceries and supplies and running a few errands since we knew bad weather would be heading our way this week. We fiddled around too long I guess, because we ended up having to come back home before we ever got any food since the streets were getting bad.

The windchill is currently 3. From 71 yesterday to THREE. School has been canceled. The streets are icy. They're saying it's going to be this way all week. And there's no food in the house. Yay! I get to venture out today to go to the store. I'm such a pansy when it comes to driving on ice.

I also have to go pick up a Christmas present for Alex tonight. I'll give you a hint... It barks. His friend's Lab just had puppies and the kid is giving one to Alex. He's been wanting a good hunting dog.


I don't know how I managed to spawn such a redneck. He loves hunting, John Deere crap, country music, all things cowboy. I don't get it. I raised that kid on a steady diet of good music. Def Leppard. Van Halen. You know... The classics. He prefers George Straight. Where did I go wrong?

This hunting kick of his is fairly recent. He got a bow and started buying all kinds of doo-dads for it, then he bought a shotgun (or a rifle... which is which? I don't know guns). I wasn't happy about that one at all. He's hoping to murder Bambi's dad. If he thinks for one second he's going to hang the head in this house, he's out of his mind.

A couple months ago, he was invited to go dove hunting. DOVE hunting. Am I confused? Doves are widely considered to be a symbol of peace, are they not? Is it just me, or is there something a little funny about shooting at the symbol of peace? ...Ahhh, look at that beautiful bir... KABOOM! That just doesn't seem right.

Anyway, we're going to pick up his future retriever of dead animals puppy this evening. Olivia is presenting it to him (our kids draw each other's names to exchange Christmas gifts, and she drew Alex this year) and she's really excited. It will be fun having a puppy in the house again. So.Much.Fun. Going outside in my nightgown and coat at 3 am (with a windchill of negative-flippin'-40) because the puppy needs to pee and Alex is sleeping right through the yelps and cries... Waiting for the puppy to pee because the puppy isn't stupid and he doesn't want to step out into the frozen yard. Seeing the sad little puppy eyes looking up at me like I'm the devil for continually placing him back on the frozen grass. Waiting. More waiting. Watching the puppy pee on the front stoop right outside the door because the puppy isn't stupid and he doesn't want to step out into the frozen yard. Now, that's some quality entertainment right there. You can't beat that.


Miles' Mama said...

Oh, honey, I'm afraid you don't know cold until you have lived in Minnesota ;) I have also lived in North Dakota and that is even COLDER in the winter. I am freezing my buttski off up here!!!!!! Stay warm ;)

Elaien said...

As much as I didn't want Rude the Dog, and as stupid as I still think it is to spend actual money on a three-year-old dog, I am so glad we didn't get a puppy. They're cute and all, but they are so much work.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me, if the boy is old enough to shoot doves, he's old enough to take care of the puppy HIMSELF! Seriously, we put the puppy's crate in my daughter's room (then 12) and she dealt with the middle of the night outings herself. Made me a very happy mama. Of course now, a year and a half later, daughter complains if I so much as ask her to walk the dog in the middle of the day. Let's just say the thrill is gone. But at least she got me through the worst of the puppy stuff!

rainbowmom said...

I know you wrote this a few days ago, but we're having ridiculous weather here too. It's rained every single day this week. It gets cold enough at night, mid-30s to low 40's to be chilly then it's like 60s in the day time. Does NOT feel like Christmas weather!