Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eff Words

Our grandson, Braden, came over yesterday and stayed the night last night. There's always a lot of... um... fun and, uh... activity here when he visits. Yes, that's a good word- activity... he's a very active boy. Never a dull moment with Mr. B in the house.

We really do love having him- I don't want to make it sound as if we don't- but he's... um... constantly active. We went to Walmart yesterday to buy things to keep the active people happy and occupied. Here's a little tip: Active people do not stay happily occupied for long, no matter how much crap you buy at Walmart. Nana is exhausted. Papa is ready to pass out. We're going to the movies this afternoon, then Mr. B is going home and we are going to collapse on the couch, looking forward, of course, to his next visit.

One thing about him that I adore is the way he starts certain words with the letter F. For example, cookies don't have sprinkles. They have frinkles. Until recently, Spiderman was Fiderman.

My son's name is Tucker.

Think about it.

Never a dull moment.


Anonymous said...

Oh that must have been one very entertaining visit!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

That is the best laugh I've had all day! Thank you!

sassy chic said...

Made me laugh out loud! What a household you have, what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

very funny! And just think, you're going to add another little active guy to your household full time!

Lina said...

Love it!


Anonymous said...

heehe!! Poor Tucker! :)

I am exhausted just reading about it!