Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks for voting

Well, it looks like PC beat Mac, but only by a couple votes (10-8). After reading your opinions and looking around on the Internet, I think I really want a Mac. So, I'm going to buy a PC. Haha! The reason is summed up perfectly by one of my commenters: "They are just so crazy expensive. For one Mac I can outfit my entire family in PCs." I have a steak appetite on a hamburger budget, so there you go (it always comes back to the food with me, doesn't it?).

I have my eye on a little HP that's on sale, so we'll see. Like I just have scads and scads of money right now to be dumping on such things. Ha.

I know you were really stressed over this and gripping your seats awaiting my decision. Now that it's settled, you may all relax and return to your normal lives.

Thanks for your votes and helpful opinions, guys. I appreciate it!


char said...

If you're armed with some karate skills, you may be able to get some really sweet deals at B3st Buy or Curcu1t City on Black Friday. Good Luck!

Laura L. said...

Yes, I am greatly relieved that you've made a decison. I was gripping my seat and waiting on pins and needles. :)
Really though, I'm glad you've decided. Really!