Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ah. Where to begin? Let's start with a few quotes. Each one sums up my feelings regarding this historical event in a different way:

"I'm very proud to have supported Senator McCain and the only regret is that more Americans didn't share my conviction that he would have made an outstanding President. I not only recognize, but respect that we are a nation in which the people choose and tonight they have chosen Senator Obama. He was not my choice, but he will be my President and I will pray for him to lead this great nation with God's help and grace. He will face serious challenges to lead our country and he will need all Americans to give him a chance.

The campaign is over and now is the time for governing and leading. The Republican Party must now reassess where it is and where it is going. Our problem is not that our views aren't acceptable, is that many in our party have abandoned the very principles that once drew Americans to trust us. Our party will be back with strength, but tonight we should all celebrate the historic nature of this election and put our country ahead of our party.

As disappointed as I am that we have lost the election, I can't help but feel that many courageous leaders of the civil rights movement look down from heaven tonight with a smile that the day has come when a man is elected without regard to his color. I salute President-elect Obama for his discipline and tenacity that has given our country the opportunity to witness this significant event.

Politics is not an event but a process. We sometimes lose the events but it never gives us the right to stop being faithful to our principles that enlisted us in the process. We shall live to fight another day."
Mike Huckabee

(Christina beat me in posting a portion of this, but I picked it first, Chris!)

"Tis morning; but no morning can restore
What we have forfeited.
...We are betrayed by what is false within."
George Meredith

"Crap. Crap. Again, I say Crap."

First, a great big Congratulations! to my liberal friends. I wish I could say I was happy for you, but you know... gag reflex and all. I imagine today will find you quite busy, what with the gloating and the happy dances and the writing of the thank you notes to Oprah, all the anchors at CNN, and most other celebrities and members of the media. Have fun with that. : ) I can at least say I am genuinely happy that our country has finally pulled its head out of its bum and elected our first black president. Exciting stuff! I just wish it wasn't this particular black president.

I mean, common sense told me he was going to win and I thought I was prepared for that, but coming to terms with saying "President Oba..." Uh-oh. See what just happened? Okay you couldn't see it, but I just gagged a little bit there. Apparently, any and all references to this man are going to have that effect on me. I'll work on it.

Nevertheless, may God bless our nation and our new President. May He guide him and give him wisdom, humility, strength, courage, discernment, and the ability to lead this great country in the right direction.

You will all be able to find me in my happy place where I will be deeply entrenched for the next four to eight years. Please have someone forward my mail.

And finally... To those of you on the liberal side who felt the need not to engage in reasonable, good-natured, intelligent political conversation, but instead, thought it necessary to resort to calling me and my fellow conservatives every unkind name in the book, including, but not limited to:
(Religious) Fanatic (which sounds a lot like "psycho" the way you type it)
and on and on and on (including several that aren't fit to print),
even as you criticized me for name-calling, I have only this to say to you:


Christina Hubbard said...

I am with you Michelle!! GAG-- But thankfully God is in control.


Tami said...

Yea!! What she said! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Good quotes, all of them. :-) And I'm not sure I'll ever be able to use the official title for Dear Leader over the next 4 years... that gag reflex is mighty powerful!

Nicki said...

Michelle - I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I mean it. (((hug))

?MomOf4? said...


Rebecca said...

I SO agree with you!

Michelle said...


Aw... Thank you for the apology, but we're fine. I'm not hurt by anything you said. Your husband, on the other hand...

HA! No, I'm totally joking! Don't tell Tony.

Nicki said...

Michelle, sweetie, I tell him allll the time. hahah. I think he suffers from unfiltered shock jock syndrome. Maybe we should put him in a room with Rush and let 'em duke it out! :P

Mom To Six said...

You crack me up!!! I'll be in the same corner with you trying to hide the gag reflexes from the world.



Dawn said...

WOW ~ What a smart, factual, and needed post!!! I SO agree with you. Especially with....
I can at least say I am genuinely happy that our country has finally pulled its head out of its bum and elected our first black president. Exciting stuff! I just wish it wasn't this particular black president.

Elaine said...

You crack me up, even as I am gagging right along with you. I keep hoping the Rev. Bob the Obama (it's just the best I can do, President does bring on the gag reflex) will prove me wrong over the next few years. I really, really do. But I'm still stockpiling food.

sassy chic said...

My favorite quote is Crap, Crap and again I say CRAP! I am proud of you for using Crap and not another word!

rainbowmom said...

On Wednesday, I literally witnessed people giving high-fives in the grocery store. Nothing like loosing your appetite while trying to grocery shop.

I've been appalled at the language used to describe my faith and religious the tolerant. whatever