Saturday, August 16, 2008

Something Funny...

With my ticker from H**l up there telling me there's only 16 days left until the shutdown, I need plenty of reasons to laugh. This did the trick! Stolen from Jeff's blog. Thanks, Jeff!

Kids, this is what happens when you take drugs... Just say NO.


Anonymous said...

I am profoundly impressed by how you are dealing with this imminent shut down! You AMAZE me! Thanks for the laugh . . . I'm sending the link to my 17 yo daughter who is at work right now. She and her boss will get a real charge out of the video!

I don't leave comments very often, but I read faithfully and often read your posts out loud to my family (after I snort in laughter and they ask what's so funny).

My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Chelle said...


Thank you. You just made my day, Sweetheart!

Lina said...

That is just too funny!! Thanks for sharing!

Elaine said...

Oh my word! If that doesn't keep kids off drugs nothing will. Thanks for the laugh!

dimeadozen said...

I don't know, if I'm not mistaken, this song went platinum for him, he doesn't remember it, but you can't knock platinum!!!!