Thursday, August 14, 2008

Petition for Yang Peiyi to sing at the closing ceremonies

I just signed a petition, available here on HULIQ , asking that Yang Peiyi (the real voice of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, who was not allowed to appear on stage because she wasn't "cute enough") should be allowed to sing at the closing ceremony. There is information available to read, and you may also leave a comment when signing the petition.

Personally, I was disgusted when I heard about this and think it's a terrible thing to do to an adorable 7 yr. old little girl. Different culture, different ideas- I guess. Hopefully, they will get the message and do the right (and kind) thing.

Please take a second to sign it and give this cutie a chance to show her stuff! Thanks!


Elaine said...

Ugh! Wasn't that so sad that they did that to her? Just what every little girl needs to hear, "You've got great pipes honey, but otherwise you pretty much howl at the moon." I hope this petition works!

Christina said...

Great idea for a petition - I was disgusted at that too - but I just went and "signed" the petition and now my computer is doing really wiggy things (as in opening 10 million windows with "Hurliq" in the address or something)... are we sure that site is safe?

Chelle said...


I didn't notice anything weird on my computer after signing it, but after your comment I ran a spyware scan just to be sure. It didn't find anything unusual. Maybe you should scan yours just to be on the safe side.

I hope I haven't directed everyone to a bad site. If anyone else notices anything strange, please tell me and I'll take down the link.