Thursday, April 10, 2008


Another reason to celebrate today!
My Sweetie Pie, my Hubei Honeybunch,
my Sunshine, my Mini-Me, is 7 years old. Shorty, you are the joy of our lives and a treasure to our family. Your smile and cheerful voice can light up the dreariest day! We love you so very much and wish you a very, very
Happy Birthday
We began the festivities this morning with a birthday breakfast party (as usual, that's the only time we are all home together). Cake: The breakfast of champions. (Allowing cake for breakfast makes me either an awesome, fun mom, or a terrible mom, depending on who you ask. We don't always eat this way.)

The theme this year, requested by Her Royal Shortness, was "Enchanted" (all the chicks in this house seriously love that movie), so of course, she had to dress the part.
Evan got Bri a Hannah Montana wig. So funny!Bri asked for a lunch out with Mommy and Daddy all to herself today for Thai food (Bri's and my favorite place to eat- not Daddy's, but he'll suck it up cuz he's a great dad). Later, we'll head over to softball practice, where she will bring cupcakes for her friends.

We're wrapping up "Birthday Week" this Saturday with a mom/daughters trip to Build-a-Bear. The girls will each get to spend their Build-a-Bear "credit cards" (as Olivia calls them) on an overpriced stuffed animal and outfits for the overpriced stuffed animals, complete with cute shoes that will get lost in the bottom of the toy bucket by next Wednesday, but it's the fun memory we're creating that counts, I guess. After that we'll top off the fun watching Mommy cry in the dressing room as she tries on dresses for the wedding. End it on a high note, you know?


Rebecca said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIANNA!!!!!You are beautiful and my daughter LOVES your Hannah wig!!!!

LaLa said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a beautiful birthday girl. I guess I didn't realize you are a Hubei Honey like my Annslee : )