Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alex Update

Alex's test went well. He's back at home and fine. They didn't find anything wrong- said everything looked normal, BUT that's both a "Praise God," and an "Oh, Frap" at the same time. It wasn't like I wanted them to find something wrong with my kid, but the problem he's been having has been going on for 4 years now and various doctors have put him through several really invasive, painful procedures trying to diagnose it. I was hoping that whatever is wrong would finally be found and fixed. Now we wait to see if his symptoms flare up, then call the doctor all over again. It's frustrating. But still, I'm thankful they didn't find something bad. It always makes me nervous when one of the kids has to have anesthesia, so I'm grateful he's OK and the test is over.

Also had to take Michael to the doctor today to look at a ree-hee-heally gross burn on his leg. I'll be kind and spare you the picture. You would vomit in your mouth. He burned his shin on the muffler of a friend's dirt bike the other day. At first we thought it would be okay and heal on its own (and by we, I mean Darrell), then we decided it was much too icky to look at without gagging and needed to be seen by a doctor (and that we would be me). He's going to be OK, too. Just needed burn cream and antibiotics to prevent infection. He had just been to the doctor earlier in the week because he had poison ivy in his eye and needed a shot to clear it up.

Teenage boys... They're so much fun! They never allow my life to become dull. They keep me perpetually broke. They eat like a Biblical plague of locusts descending upon a field. They scare me to death with their constant stunts, illnesses, injuries, etc. They know every single thing about every single subject EVER, so I never have to worry about trying to teach them anything. Plus, their bedrooms reek like a CSI triple homicide crime scene half the time! Bonus! It's all sheer bliss, I tell ya.


Heather & David said...

You just gave me a moment of nastalgia from growing up with my brother and cousins.... on the same day my brother fell out of a tree and broke his arm at my aunts house.... while she was getting him prepped to go to the emergency room, my cousin rode his bike down the driveway into the street and got hit... by a police car. Try explaining this at the ER.... luckily the nice police man was there to help. I came from a family of boys with frequent flyer miles at the er.... and it seems to be heriditary as the next generation is starting to show the same daredevil ways. God bless little boys.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that WOULD be hard to explain! What a great story- although I'm sure it didn't seem all that great to your aunt at the time! lol!