Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I think Obama read my blog... And other uninteresting thoughts

He kind of stole borrowed shared a few of my sentiments when he spoke at the memorial service tonight.  Only they sounded much more Presidential when he said them.  I do believe it may have been the first time B.O. and I have been on the same page, or even the same book.  But then again, it would be pretty hard for him to mangle a speech like that.  If it wouldn't trigger my gag reflex, and possibly bring about the apocalypse, I might even say he did a pretty good jo...  Aw, jeez... I can't do it.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.  He did, um... not a bad job. 

What did you think?  Did you watch the memorial service?  Any opinions?  I have a feeling my Dem friends had a few opinions about yesterday's post that they respectfully chose to keep to themselves.  Purely out of love and admiration for me, of course.

(You know I'm just kidding about thinking he stole my comments, right?  Just checking.  Sometimes I wonder if people get the smart-assery involved in 97.6% of what I say.  And it's not like anything I said was all that deep and/or original, so I suppose it's possible Obama's speech writers could have come to the same conclusions on their own.)

In other news...  I have a kid turning 19 this Saturday (Happy Birthday, Michael!  I love you, you Army-bound idiot!).  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and he answered, "Cash."  Not a sentimental one, that guy.  One year at Christmas, he even asked me to forgo buying stocking stuffers for him and just give him the money I would have spent on them instead.  At least he's consistent in what he wants. 

We've had an interesting week with Michael.  I'd written in a previous post that Mike had moved out several months back.  He was sharing a house with another guy.  They weren't exactly close friends- just housemates.  Mike viewed it as a great opportunity to get out on his own.  Last weekend, Michael called his dad asking to move back home because his roommate had been arrested.  Oh, yay.  Just what every parent wants to hear.  Thank God the police were somehow aware that the "friend's" illegal activities didn't involve Mike, or the other roommate they had recently taken in.  Maybe they'd been watching the kid for awhile, or something?  We really don't have a lot of details.  So...  Mike is temporarily living back at home, until he goes to basic training in February.  I'm currently living in denial about that.  I seriously can't believe this is really happening.  I think he does the official swearing in thing on Friday.  Ugh.

Michael is such a headstrong guy.  I love him to pieces, but once he decides something, that's it.  Nobody is going to stop him.  He gets that from his dad.  I guess that's a great quality when you're not doing something that will make your mom sick with worry.  I do admire and respect what he wants to do.  I just hate it.  I hate it!!  When it's time for him to go, I fear I'm going to be one of those embarrassing moms, clinging to him and sobbing, "Don't take my baby!  You can't have my baby!"  I'll make a huge arse out of myself and it will be another fond family memory.  ...Good times.

Alex has also been with us this past week, so it's been kind of nice having all my boys around again.  He is between jobs- his last one was seasonal help at Target to tide him over until he starts with UPS, and that job doesn't start yet, so he's spending some time down here with us.  He's also back with his girlfriend (YAY!!), so spending time with her may also have just a tiny bit to do with him wanting to be time closer to home.  I adore her.  I think I've said that already, too. 

His girlfriend, Savannah, is so, so precious.  She's one of those rare girls who is gorgeous on the outside, as well as being beautiful on the inside, too- such a sweet, precious, genuine heart she has.  She's crazy about the girls and Sammy.  And Sammy is crazy for her. 
Our visit to the Marines recruiting office with Evan has been pushed to this Saturday.  We didn't end up going last weekend.  So, it's going to be a busy Saturday, with going to the used car salesman recruiter, then rushing around to get Michael's birthday dinner ready.  I also have to get out to grab a little birthday gift for Savannah, since she and Mike share the same birthday. 

I hope the weather warms up considerably in the next few days before I have to do all this running around.  We finally got some snow here, and went from temps in the 50's down to 2 degrees.  Ick.  With a wind chill of -11.  Next Monday is supposed to bring freezing rain.  More ick.  the ice storms we've gotten the last few years have been brutal- leaving us without power for days.  I hope that doesn't happen again this year, but I guess I should stock up on supplies and be ready for that possibility.  Then, maybe next weekend, I'm relocating to Hawaii.

What do you have going on this weekend?  Anything exciting?


Melissa said...

Just read your first paragraph and um im a follower. I feel ya!

lookingforgeorge said...

I didn't see the whole speech, just the last few minutes. I was totally put off by all the applause and cheering AT A MEMORIAL SERVICE. What was up with that? Also annoyed that the ol' BO kept talking about our "democracy". *sigh* Have to go back and catch up on your blog (and a bunch of others) since this past weekend (yes, I know, it's Thursday) was hectic and travel-filled.

Michelle said...

I agree that all the applause and B.O. love was a little weird for a memorial service. But it was in keeping with the overall tone of his speech, which wasn't really memorial-ish. At least, it was nothing like other memorials I've attended.

I know exactly what you're saying about the democracy thing... yeah.

Nicki said...

Historically those types of speeches aren't supposed to be really somber. They are supposed to uplift and reunite the country. They are supposed to refocus the country on the victims - living and deceased - and away from politics (which I think he did very well while still driving home important points). They are supposed to celebrate lives lived well and honor them.

The funerals are all private and I'm guessing probably much more somber events.

I am still processing the speech. I thought it was wonderful and poignant and maybe difficult to hear in parts. I cried a lot. I feel like all I've done is cry since Saturday though so I'm not sure it's any reflection. ha.