Saturday, January 15, 2011


First, I have to say happy birthday to Mike (19) and Savannah (20)!  I hope it's a blessed day for both of you!  I love you both very much! 

I guess I should also acknowledge our cat's birthday, since she's 20 this month.  That's almost one hundred in people years.  She has totally lost control of her bladder, though, so my desire to say happy birthday to my deaf, senile, peeing cat is not real high.  She has peed on so many things that are important to me- good books, my favorite vera bradley purse, my fruit bowl, canned goods in our pantry (and if you know me then you know those cans had to go straight to the trash.  I couldn't wash them and still use them.  No way), my shoes.  The list goes on and on.  I thought she peed on Darrell's shoes once, too- but then I realized that, no, that's just the way his shoes smell.  I doubt Mama (the cat's name) reads my blog anyway, so I refuse to wish her a happy birthday.  Instead I will wish her a Pee-Free Birthday!  Woo-hoo! 

My birth mother sent me a copy of this video, and I laughed out loud.  I literally LOL'd.  So I found it on YouTube to share with you.  I thought it was funny, but we all know my sense of humor is a little off.  Hopefully, one of my two readers will think it's funny, too.  If I'm always the only one laughing, someone will eventually think I need to be committed to a mental health facility.  So, save me from a six month stint at the Happy Home and tell me you think it's funny, too.

You know...  I've always daydreamed of something like this happening to Nancy (uh-oh- that won't count against me as violent rhetoric, will it?).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike and Savannah! And to Mama cat too. 20? Wow, she's got my cat beat by a year and a half. Oh I hope mine doesn't start peeing everywhere, that would be a sad ending to a really great life. (people get Depends so they can keep a little dignity at the end. Why can't cats have Depends too?!)

Okay, I didn't actually laugh OUT LOUD but it was an LOL type video. :)

Anonymous said...

I think they do actually make diapers for cats. It might be worth looking into. I know it seems like a silly expense, but she sure has peed on a lot of stuff. I had a 15 year old dog with a similar problem. Not fun.

Here's another Pelosi/ Boehner video:

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link, Tracy! I hadn't seen that one. Funny.

I can't believe diapers for cats are a real thing. Maybe I'll have to look into that. And that's something I never thought I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Love the video! Have seen it a bunch of places ('cause I mostly hang with the Pelosi-disliking types) (notice I didn't say Pelosi-haters? that's because we're not haters, just dislikers). Those cat diapers things are . . . wow. They look like a lot of work. Do you have a garage your cat could live in? That's where ours live these days. Something about having to replace an entire room of flooring due to cat pee . . . they just aren't welcome in the house anymore. Sometimes I feel guilty, but then I come in my house that doesn't have ruined carpet or scratched up furniture and the guilty just floats away.

Michelle said...

No garage. I do have a crawl space under the house that I'm seriously considering as her next (and last) home.