Monday, August 31, 2009

Diaper Question

Darrell and I are constantly astonished and bamfoozled by the changes in baby products during the last 7 years (since we last had a baby in our house). Maybe it's not the changes, so much as it's the increase in products. The choices these days! It makes us feel old (and sound old, too- using phrases like "these days"). We're out-of-it. Not up with the newfangled ways of the youngsters. There are new gadgets and products of every kind, with 57 different varieties of each- all absolutely necessary to my child's survival and/or happiness, apparently. I don't know how many times I've been standing in B*bies R Us, holding some doo-dad and saying, "What is this?" The toys are different, the bottles are different, the formulas and foods are different, even the diapers are different.

There are sooooo many types of diapers now. Why is that? You can't just buy Hu*gies. Now, you have to choose Hu*gies "Nat*ral Fit," or Hu*gies "Little M0vers," or Hu*gies "Crapmypants." Why can't a diaper company decide which diaper works the best, and then just make that one diaper? Are 57 different diapers, all made by the same company, really necessary? Do babies' butts vary that much that we need subcategories of diapers now? Two tiny cheeks and a crack is pretty much standard, right? Or has that changed, too?

It's just too much for an old mom like me. I want to buy a box of diapers. I want these diapers not to leak pee or squirt poop out the leg holes or up the back. I do not need 40 brands, each with 57 different varieties from which to choose. I just don't do well with so many choices... Too easily overwhelmed, I guess.

So, could you guys, my blog peeps, the hip, youngster-moms and baby experts, pleeeease do me a favor? I'd love it if you would leave me a comment telling me the name of your favorite disposable diaper. I'm on a quest to find the best and want to hear what you think.

By "best," I mean the diaper should consistently:
Minimize the Dreaded Pee Leaks
Minimize the Disgusting, Up-The-Back-And-Out-The-Leg Poop Blowout, thereby minimizing the amount of baby poop that winds up on my couch and/or under my fingernails each day

Don't forget, since each brand has 57 different varieties, please be specific and include the whole name of the diapers you like, not just the brand.

BTW, Hu*gies Nat*ral Fit is one that I'm currently trying and I'm liking them not so much. I actually liked the Sam's Club brand better, I think- and they're cheaper.

So, what do you think? Tell me your favorite! And while we're at it, if you have a favorite baby product in any other category that you'd like to recommend, I'm open to your suggestions. Us geriatric moms need all the help we can get.



Kelli said...

Huggies Supreme- the maroon package. My boy pees...a lot. They are the only ones that do. We also do Huggies overnights because of the unbelieveable amount of urine he produces at night. However, I just bought some Pampers extra protection for night time (in a size 4 not his normal 3) and they seem to be holding it all in a bit better. Why didn't anyone tell me how much little boys pee?

Heidi said...

The Huggies overnights work best for nights for us. Sam used to drink a ton every night and they were only ones that didn't leak. During the day, I use whatever's on sale.

Katie said...

Honestly? I'm on my fifth baby in six years (yeah, I know, Yikes!) and I'm still buying the generic WalMart brand diapers (Parent's choice, maybe?). I have never had any problems with them and they are cheaper than all of the name brand ones. I used to use the Sam's club ones and they worked just fine for me, too. Actually, now that I just got a membership again, I'll probably go back to them soon.

Anonymous said...

I use the T@rget Up & Up brand for daytime. I think they work just fine and they're not like putting cardboard around your little one's bum like some other store brands. When the kids were still little babies, I used Hu*gies Supreme at night. I tried P@mpers, but the overwhelming scent made me want to puke and it gave Ava a terrible rash. Now, Binh just gets T@rget brand all the time. I think for the savings, it's worth a try.

cesbloom said...

Taget Up&Up brand during the day and Huggies overnights at night - it was the magic formula for us! Good luck on your quest. Sheri

Lina said...

I have had issues with diapers too. I love Luvs - the regular plain old Luvs in the purple and green package. With Gabe I tried Huggies and the Parents Choice (Walmart) and both leaked. I did use the Huggies overnights though for at night because Gabe used to pee about 2 quarts each night.

However, he recently developed a sensitivity to disposable diapers and I had to switch to Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers. They leak pee if you don't change them immediately. I weaned Gabe off the bottle though and the 2 quarts of pee per night stopped.

SO in summary - LUVS rock, Huggies Leak, but I'm forced to used them. Is that clear as mud now??? LOL

Chandra said...

I too use the Target brand during the day. Never had a problem.

We were using Huggies overnights at night, but recently Target was out of them so I bought the Pampers overnight ones and have found they work better for us, I found the Huggies would come apart at the top too often.

Elaine said...

Huggies CrapMyPants! You crack me up! My favorite are the big boxes of Huggies that Sam's carries, but I have no idea what variation that is. I think the Sam's brand is equally effective and containing all the waste, but they seem to sag a lot more, even if they are only a little bit wet; and since I am total white trash at home and let the diaper generation run around without actual pants on, this is an issue for me.

tina said...

am i the only one that uses pampers?!? that's what i started with – it worked so i stuck with it. we do cloth mostly, but disposables at night and occasionally on the go. i've been using pampers baby dry and/or cruisers and they've caught the pee and poo. i just bought my first package of huggies cuz that's all they had and it seems good too.